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Cause Analysis Of Starting Failure Of 180KW Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 27, 2021

180KW diesel generator set can not start or it is difficult to start. There are many reasons for this failure. Combining the 180KW diesel generator set failure phenomenon to analyze, this article introduces the reasons and solutions for the diesel generator set failing to start.


1. Observe whether the crankshaft (or fan blades) of the diesel engine rotates. If it does not rotate or stops when it rotates, first check whether there is a problem with the electric battery, starter, etc.


2. If the starter and battery are intact and the diesel engine speed is normal, the fuel system is mostly faulty.


3. Judgment of fuel system failure: Firstly, check whether the stall handle is flexible or not. The method is to pull the control shaft and turn the stall handle to see if the lever is flexible. If the above problems are normal, consider the problem of the oil supply system.


4. The oil circuit mainly considers the airtightness, that is, whether there is air in the oil circuit, and find out the air leakage point. Check the tightness of the oil return overflow valve first, and then check the oil pump part (such as the tightness of the inlet and outlet oil reading core, whether the hand pump and the valve core are stuck, etc.) whether the oil pipes are in good condition, the oil tank oil circuit and the diesel oil. Whether the filter element is clogged, if there is no problem with the above, pump the oil with the hand pump until there are no bubbles in the fuel discharged from the upper body bleed screw.


diesel engine

5. If it still fails to start, remove the high-pressure oil pipe under the drive of the starter. If no oil is found, consider whether the camshaft coupling of the fuel injection pump is damaged, slips, or the positioning key falls off (rolling key), and whether the speed control rack of the fuel injection pump is stuck. If the oil pump discharges oil, check whether the fuel injector is poorly atomized, the opening pressure is low, or whether it is stuck.


6. For electronically controlled diesel engines, check whether the ECU is energized or damaged, whether the stop button on the vehicle or equipment is returned, whether the connectors of the related wiring harness are firm or whether the wiring harness is damaged, etc.


7. If all of the above are normal but still cannot be started, the diesel engine's own fault should be considered, and comprehensive troubleshooting should be required.


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