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Brief Discussion On The Causes Of Oil Deterioration Of Diesel Generator Set

Feb. 15, 2023

Generally, the diesel generator set should be replaced with oil after 500 hours of operation. However, Walter often receives inquiries from some customers: sometimes the oil becomes thinner and impurities increase before the replacement period, or it has not been used for a long time, so it cannot continue to be used. Today, the editor of Jiangsu Starlight Power will analyze the reason why the engine oil of diesel generator unit deteriorates too quickly.


1. The oil brand is incorrect and the quality cannot meet the requirements. Generally, Cummins diesel generator set with supercharging and rated speed greater than 2000r/min shall use oil above CC grade.


2. Cummins diesel generator set is in poor technical condition, with gas channeling, oil channeling, excessive fit clearance or high oil temperature.


Cummins diesel generator set

3. Cummins diesel engine generator sets often operate at low temperature, low load and low speed. The piston deformation is not enough and the combustion is not complete. The diesel enters the oil pan along the cylinder wall, causing the oil to dilute and deteriorate.


4. The exhaust gas enters the oil pan and condenses into water and acidic substances, making the oil deteriorate.


5. The oil filter element is dirty, and the unfiltered dirty oil enters the lubricating part, which also accelerates the wear of Cummins diesel generator set parts.


6. The seal ring of the filter element is broken and internal leakage occurs. Some of the oil directly passes through the filter without passing through the filter element, resulting in oil deterioration.


The thinning of oil and the increase of impurities will make the oil unable to play its normal role and accelerate the wear of various components of Cummins diesel generator set. Therefore, if you find that the oil deteriorates before the replacement period, you should find out the cause in time, repair and replace the oil again to ensure the normal operation of the unit.


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