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Be Attention When Choosing Diesel Generator Set For Civil Buildings

Aug. 17, 2021

With the development of society, diesel generator sets have been widely used in various industries, and civil buildings are no exception. Choosing appropriate backup power sources to meet the power supply requirements of fire-fighting loads and other important loads in emergency situations is an important part of the electrical design of civil buildings. A problem that cannot be ignored. At present, we generally use diesel generator sets as the emergency AC power source, so which aspects should be paid attention to when choosing self-provided diesel generator sets?


1. Setting principles.

The "Code for Electrical Design of Civil Buildings" stipulates: fire pumps, fire elevators, smoke prevention and exhaust facilities, automatic fire alarms, automatic fire extinguishing devices, fire emergency lighting, electric fire doors and windows, roller shutters, valves and other fire power loads in civil buildings. The grade shall comply with the current national "Code for Fire Protection Design of High-Rise Civil Buildings" and "Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings".


According to the “Code for Fire Protection Design of High-Rise Buildings”, the first-class high-rise buildings shall be supplied with power according to the first-class load requirements, and the second-class high-rise buildings shall be supplied with power according to the second-class load requirements. According to the "Code for Electrical Design of Civil Buildings", the primary load should be powered by two power sources. When one power source fails, the other power source should not be damaged at the same time; when the secondary load conditions permit, two power sources should also be used. The power supply, especially the secondary load for fire fighting, should be powered according to the requirements of two circuits, the particularly important load in the primary load, in addition to the above two power supplies, an emergency power supply must be added.


diesel generator set

2. Capacity selection.

There is currently no unified calculation formula for the capacity of self-provided generator sets, so the methods used by designers in actual work are also different: some are simply determined by 10%-20% of the capacity of the power transformer; some Add up according to the capacity of fire-fighting equipment; some choose according to the wishes of investors, resulting in the inaccuracy of the capacity selection of self-provided generator sets. If the capacity is too large, it will cause a waste of investment, and if the selection is too small, it will not be satisfied in the event of an accident. Requirements. It is recommended that users refer to the professional advice given by the generator manufacturer to make a reasonable choice when choosing.


3. Selection of the unit

(1) Selection of the number of units When using the starting capacity of the motor to select the capacity of the generator set, the number of generators should not be large, because the increase in the number of units and the small capacity of a single unit may not meet the starting requirements of the motor. Generally, when the capacity is not more than 800kw, it is better to choose a single unit. When the capacity is more than 800kw, two units should be selected, and the physical parameters of the two units should be the same to facilitate the parallel operation of the units.


(2)Selection of other functions. The standby emergency generator set for civil buildings should use high-speed diesel generator set and brushless automatic excitation device. The selected unit should be equipped with fast automatic start and automatic power switching devices, and should have the function of three consecutive self-starting. It is not advisable to use compressed air to start, and generally use 24V battery packs as the starting power source.


The above are the matters needing attention when choosing diesel generator sets for civil buildings. To buy diesel generator sets, welcome to choose Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd.


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