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Battery of Diesel Generator Fail to Charge

Jul. 26, 2023

When the diesel generator is running, the ammeter pointer points to discharge or does not move at the "0" position, indicating that the charging circuit is faulty. In case of failure to charge, first check whether the belt of the charging diesel generator is too loose or slipping, and then check whether there is looseness and poor contact at the wire connections, and then judge according to the following methods.

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First, check whether the grounding polarity of the battery is correct and whether the drive belt of the silicon rectification diesel generator is too loose or slipping. If the wiring method of the wire is correct, a screwdriver can be used to contact the rear end cover bearing cover of the silicon rectifier diesel generator. Try to see if it's attractive. Under normal circumstances, there should be a significant attraction. Otherwise, it indicates that there may be an open circuit in the silicon rectifier excitation circuit. To determine the open circuit part, remove the magnetic field terminal of the diesel generator and scratch the casing. There may be three situations:

(1) The first one is non sparking, which means there is an open circuit in the connection between the regulator and the magnetic field terminal of the diesel generator;

(2) The second possible blue and white small spark indicates oxidation of the contacts of the regulator;

(3) The third is that strong and colorful sparks and a "snap" sound indicate that the magnetic field wiring is good, while the open circuit of the excitation circuit in the silicon rectifier diesel generator is mostly caused by poor grounding of the grounding brush or the brush falling out of the brush holder.

If it is confirmed that the excitation circuit of the silicon rectifier diesel generator is well connected, open the regulator cover and use a screwdriver to put it between the fixed contact bracket and the movable contact, so that the magnetic field current is not controlled by the regulator and forms a path through the screwdriver. Stabilizing the diesel engine above medium and high speeds and observing the ammeter will result in two situations; One type is that the ammeter immediately experiences charging current, indicating that the silicon rectifier generator is in good condition while the regulator has too loose elasticity; On the other hand, there is still no charging current. At this time, it should be further tried again. The conductor on the armature terminal of the silicon rectifier diesel generator can be removed and scratched with the housing. If there is a spark, it means that the circuit connected to the armature is intact, while the fault occurs in the silicon rectifier generator. If there is no spark, it means that the wiring related to the armature is short circuited.

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