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Basic Principles Of Installing Diesel Generator Sets In High Buildings

Oct. 26, 2021

Fire-fighting power for fire-fighting pumps, smoke prevention and exhaust facilities, fire-fighting elevators, emergency lighting in high-rise buildings, in accordance with 9.1.1 of the "Code for Fire Protection Design of High-Rise Civil Buildings" (GB50045-95), The first-class high-rise buildings shall be supplied with the first-class load requirements, and the second-class high-rise buildings shall be supplied with the second-class load requirements.


According to Article 3.1 of the "Code for Electrical Design of Civil Buildings" (JGJ16-2008), the loads in many parts of high-rise buildings are the first-class loads, the first-class loads also contain particularly important loads, and the loads in some parts are the second-class loads.


The primary load should be shared by two power sources. The secondary load should also be powered by two circuits when conditions permit, especially the secondary load that belongs to the fire-fighting power supply, and the power should be supplied according to the requirements of the two circuits of the secondary load. It can be seen that high-rise buildings have high requirements for the reliability of power supply, and both require two power sources for power supply. Therefore, the principles for considering the installation of diesel generator sets are as follows:


diesel generator set

1. For high-rise buildings where the power grid can provide two independent power sources, the requirements of primary and secondary loads have been met according to the specifications, and diesel generator sets are not required in principle. However, for particularly important high-rise buildings (such as super high-rise buildings), which contain particularly important loads, it should be considered that when one power system is overhauled or malfunctions, the other power system fails again. In this case, diesel power generation should generally be installed. The unit serves as an emergency power source.


2. For high-rise buildings where the local power grid can only provide one power source, or it is difficult or uneconomical to obtain a second power source, diesel generator sets should be installed to provide the second power source. At this time, the diesel generator set is used as a backup power source, not just for emergency use.


3. According to China's tourist hotel star pole standards, four-star and five-star hotels should be equipped with self-provided power generation systems.

When general real estate developers are constructing real estate, for the fire safety of high-rise buildings, diesel generator sets for fire fighting are usually equipped. When an emergency occurs (such as fire, earthquake, typhoon, etc.), fire-fighting standby diesel generator sets are used.  It played an important role in replacing the paralyzed power supply system.


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