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Basic Overview of Perkins Generator Set

Mar. 12, 2023

Today we will introduce the performance, principles and service commitment of Perkins generator set.

perkins 1250kva generator

1. Introduction to Perkins generator set

Perkins Engine Co., Ltd. is a world-famous engine manufacturer with a long history. So far, it has provided 15 million sets of power generation units from 4KW to 1940KW for the world; At present, it has three production bases, with an annual output of 400000 sets; The company has set up two parts distribution centers in Manchester, UK and Singapore, and more than 3500 service outlets around the world to provide customers worldwide with uninterrupted services throughout the year.

As a world-famous engine manufacturer, Perkins is committed to product quality, environment and economy. Strict implementation of ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards, the products have high emission standards, high economy, high stability, high reliability and other characteristics.

2. Perkins generator set performance

Electrical performance of Perkins genset:

Comply with GB2820 and ISO8528/3 standards. It also meets the technical requirements of YD/T502 special diesel generator set for communication in the post and telecommunications system.

Rated voltage: 400/230V

Wiring mode: 3-phase 4-wire

Frequency: 50Hz

Rated power factor: 0.8 (lagging)

Suppression of radio interference: comply with VDE0875-N and GB2820

Perkins generator set standard:

Comply with the provisions of GB/T2819, ISO8528, IEC34 and other international standards;

The rated output power of generator unit conforms to;

The altitude shall not exceed 1000 meters;

Ambient temperature 0 ℃~40 ℃;

Air relative humidity 60%;

Perkins generating set alternator:

Excitation mode: brushless self-excitation

Insulation grade: H

Protection grade: IP21~IP23

Voltage regulation: automatic regulation

Perkins generator set control box:

There are different types of control boxes, such as manual, automatic, remote monitoring, fully automatic and intelligent. The basic configuration includes voltmeter, ammeter, water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, controller, emergency stop button, preheating button, battery voltmeter, schedule, phase selection switch, etc.

3. Principles of Perkins generating set

In the cylinder of the diesel engine, the clean air filtered by the air filter is fully mixed with the high-pressure atomized diesel fuel injected by the fuel injector. Under the upward extrusion of the piston, the volume decreases and the temperature rises rapidly, reaching the ignition point of the diesel fuel. The diesel fuel is ignited, the mixed gas burns violently, the volume expands rapidly, and pushes the piston downward, which is called "work". Each cylinder works in a certain order, and the thrust acting on the piston turns into the force pushing the crankshaft to rotate through the connecting rod, thus driving the crankshaft to rotate. When the brushless synchronous alternator and the crankshaft of the diesel engine are installed coaxially, the rotation of the diesel engine can be used to drive the rotor of the generator. By using the principle of 'electromagnetic induction', the generator will output the induced electromotive force and generate current through the closed load circuit.

Starlight series Perkins diesel generator sets are officially authorized products of Perkins, which have better performance, better quality and more guaranteed service among similar products. They are recommended by Starlight Perkins diesel generator set department.

4. Perkins generator unit service commitment

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "products are like human character, do things after being human, and think about everything for users", and now makes a solemn commitment to the product service work:

(1) Technical service: send personnel to the site for technical guidance free of charge, assist in setting up the machine room, conduct commissioning free of charge, develop training plans for users, and train operators (factory or site) free of charge. Both parties shall discuss the training method, content and time, which shall be determined according to the actual situation.

(2) Spare parts service: provide some vulnerable parts free of charge during the three-guarantee period, and long-term supply of spare parts and technical support beyond the three-guarantee period.

(3) Maintenance service: In case of any failure of the product during use, the user will send personnel to the site at any time for service. The company will arrange to implement the service within 24 hours in the province and 36 hours in other provinces based on the maintenance report and product certificate of the distribution company or user unit. The three-guarantee period is one year or 1000 hours of operation (whichever comes first), and lifelong service. The company has set up more than 62 technical service departments in more than 30 cities, and the San Bao hotline is 0523-877993067 87791067.

(4) Service principle: In case of failure of the product in use, the company can send personnel to provide on-site service to ensure timely operation.

As a professional diesel generator manufacturer, we always insist on using first-class talents to build a first-class enterprise, create first-class products, create first-class services, and strive to build a first-class domestic enterprise. If you would like to get more information welcome to contact us via sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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