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Bad Influence Of The Failure Of Intake System On Diesel Engine

Nov. 25, 2021

The main components of the intake system of diesel generators are air cleaner, intake pipe, compressor, intercooler, intake manifold, etc. The air intake system has a great influence on the power performance of the diesel engine. If the air intake is insufficient, it will cause the diesel engine to indigestion, and if the air intake is insufficient, it will cause the diesel engine to early abnormal wear. The specific analysis is as follows:


1. Air filter factor. The function of the air filter is to filter out the dust and impurities in the air, and send clean air into the combustion chamber to reduce the wear between the piston and the cylinder liner, the wear between the piston group and the valve group. In addition, it has the function of suppressing the intake noise of the diesel engine.


If the filter element of the air cleaner is clogged, or the resistance of the air passing through due to quality problems increases, the diesel engine will suffer from insufficient air intake. If the amount of air entering the cylinder is reduced, the direct result is that the fuel injected into the cylinder is not completely burned. At this time, the diesel engine may suffer from insufficient power and black smoke from the exhaust.


2. The intake pipe factor. There is usually a section of rubber hose connected in the connecting pipeline from the air filter to the intake manifold of the diesel engine (for a turbocharged diesel engine, the compressor intake). If the hose is crushed or damaged by internal peeling due to some reasons, it will affect the air throughput. The result is the same as the clogging of the air filter, which will also cause the diesel engine to cause insufficient power and black smoke from the exhaust due to insufficient air intake.


3. Air is short-circuited into the cylinder. If the quality of the air filter is poor or the intake pipe is damaged or short-circuited and the dirty air enters the cylinder, it will cause serious wear of the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring of the diesel engine, and cause blue, black smoke and smoke from the diesel engine exhaust. Malfunctions such as insufficient power, burning oil, etc.


diesel engine

4. The influence of the booster system. The purpose of the diesel exhaust turbocharger system is to increase the air pressure entering the cylinder, thereby increasing the air density entering the cylinder, so as to increase the fuel injection volume and increase the power.


When some reasons lead to insufficient boost pressure or the pipeline behind the turbocharger compressor (such as intercooler, intake manifold interface, etc.) clogging, leakage and other factors, the diesel engine will also suffer from insufficient intake air. Failures such as power drop.


In addition, if the sealing gasket at the intake port on the cylinder head is damaged and the seal is not tight, the boost pressure will be reduced, which will also cause the diesel engine to have insufficient power failure.


5. When the diesel engine runs normally at idling speed, but emits black smoke when running under load, it is most likely that the air filter is blocked and the air intake is insufficient. At this time, you can remove the air filter element for a short time and start the diesel engine with load. If the black smoke disappears, it means that the air filter element is clogged, and the air filter element needs to be cleaned or replaced.


6. If the diesel engine always has abnormal wear of the cylinder piston of unknown reason, after excluding factors such as the quality of parts and oil, the unclean intake of the intake system should be the main reason. At this time, you should carefully check the entire intake system from the air filter intake to the intake manifold on the cylinder head for damage or air short circuit, especially pay attention to some special-purpose interfaces on the intake pipe. Whether there is a phenomenon that causes an air short circuit, etc.


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