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Assembly Requirements For 200kw Shangchai Generator Turbocharger

Nov. 16, 2021

The 200kw Shangchai generator turbocharger has been popularized in many types of machines. It makes up for the inherent shortcomings of some naturally aspirated engines, so that the engine can increase the output power by more than 30% without changing the displacement.


1. Before assembling, all parts must be cleaned and all friction surfaces should be coated with lubricating oil.


2. Align the original marks when assembling the rotor assembly.


3. The rotor assembly must be checked for dynamic balance on a dynamic balance tester, and the coaxiality (pictured) must be carefully checked. It should be no more than 0.007mm. It can be assembled only after it is fully qualified.


4. Check the main gap. The main clearance of the supercharger includes the axial clearance and radial clearance of the rotor shaft.


(1) Axial clearance check (picture): Attach the magnetic support of the dial indicator to the turbine shell, make the dial indicator contact contact with the end face of the full wheel, and use it to push the rotor axially, and the rotor shaft can be measured The axial clearance must meet the technical requirements of the supercharger tested. For example, the axial clearance of the rotor shaft of the TA03 turbocharger is 0.076~0.165mm, and the axial clearance of the WD615 is 0.025~0.1OOmm.


generator set

(2) Radial clearance inspection (picture): Attach the magnetic support of the dial indicator to the turbine shell, make the long rod contact of the dial indicator contact the rotor shaft from the air inlet, and push the rotor shaft up and down. Then the radial clearance can be measured. For example, the radial clearance of the rotor shaft of the TA03 supercharger is 0.025~0.102mm, and the radial clearance of the Steyr WD615 is 0.075~0.160mm.


5. Check the exhaust valve. Using the same exhaust pressure when used on a diesel engine, check whether the operation lever of the turbocharged exhaust gas exhaust valve (position as shown in the figure) is flexible and stable. When the pressure is 0.074-0.080MPa, the maximum stroke of the exhaust valve opening should be 1.27mm.


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