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Application of EGCP-1 Generator Set Controller

Aug. 15, 2023

The automatic paralleling and grid connection control technology of the generator set and the communication technology to realize the "three remotes" (remote control, telemetry and telesignaling) between the generator set and the host computer have always been considered as the difficult technologies in the generator set control system.

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At present, some domestic companies can only produce products with single function. There are many imported generator set controllers in the market, but even the imported products rarely meet the technical requirements of these functions at the same time. The EGCP-1 generator set controller launched by Woodward is one of the few.

Function introduction of EGCP-1 generator set controller Parameter display function of generator set: LCD screen displays generator voltage, battery voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, power factor, mains voltage (public busbar voltage), unit temperature, oil pressure, unit speed, operation time, etc.

The monitoring display of input switching value points and 11 output switching value points is convenient for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Diesel engine control: air pre heating control, solenoid valve control, starting motor control, cold engine running time control, etc.

Synchronous control: the error of voltage amplitude during synchronization is adjustable between 0.1%~10%, and the error of phase during synchronization is adjustable between 2%~20%. The built-in safety logic of busbar non electric switch automatic switching, automatic reclosing of switch with adjustable interval time, automatic resynchronization, synchronization timeout fault control, manual synchronization operation can manually use the external input switching value for speed regulation and voltage regulation (synchronous inspection is still effective during manual synchronization) Synchronous control of the generator set and the air switch on the mains side.

Active power control: even when there are harmonics, the load can be controlled accurately and quickly, and the load control can be connected and withdrawn smoothly (the control change rate of the load can be adjusted). Up to 8 parallel generator units can be allowed to distribute the power load proportionally according to the capacity of their generator units.

The switching value can be used to remotely control the basic power operation mode of the generator set with the best fuel efficiency. The external active power transmitter can be used to realize the input/output control of the generator set. The flexible transition to the mains power supply, the external adjustment of the basic load, and the operation in the kW drop mode under manual load control can be realized.

Reactive power control: when the generator set is separately networked, up to 8 parallel generator sets can be allowed to distribute reactive load proportionally according to the capacity of their generators. When the generator set is in the basic power operation mode, it can operate in the mode of constant power factor or constant reactive power, and the reactive power or power factor can be adjusted externally.

Finally, the sequence control of generator set operation: when the load of the operating generator set exceeds the set upper limit percentage of its rated power, another generator set will be automatically started; When the load carrying capacity of the operating generator set is lower than the set lower limit percentage of its rated power, it will automatically unload and stop the operation of a generator set with lower priority; The priority operation level of the generator set is adjustable.

Protection of generator set: high/low voltage, high/low frequency, reverse power, loss of excitation, overcurrent (inverse time delay), mains power failure, speed/frequency mismatch, load impact.

Protection of diesel engine: high/low generator set temperature, high/low oil pressure, overspeed, startup failure.

Interface with the upper PC: the initialization configuration is realized by downloading the software set by the upper PC to the flash memory of EGCP-1, which enables the protocol to control and monitor the generator set through the RS422 communication port on EGCP-1.

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