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Application Mode For Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator

Mar. 02, 2023

Because the fundamental problem of the permanent magnet synchronous generator that the excitation is not adjustable and the output voltage is not adjustable is inevitable, the application mode of the permanent magnet synchronous generator is determined.


(1) Power frequency permanent magnet generator.

The permanent magnet generator directly outputs power frequency voltage from the output end of the stator winding. The hydromagnetic generator fully embodies the characteristics of simple structure, high efficiency and reliability. The number of hydromagnetic poles on the rotor structure is the same as that of the electric excitation generator. Two pairs of magnetic poles (rotating speed 1500r/min) and one pair of magnetic poles (3000r/min) are used respectively. The whole generator has single-phase two-wire and three-phase four-wire output. Although the voltage regulation rate of permanent magnet generator is small, the output voltage of generator will drop when it is close to the rated load or overload condition, and the impact of speed drop on the output voltage of generator is also obvious.



(2) Medium frequency permanent magnet generator.

In order to improve the power to mass ratio of the permanent magnet generator, the magnetic poles of its rotor can reach about 10 pairs, and the maximum speed of the prime mover can reach 6000 r/min. The frequency of generator output electric energy is 250Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz respectively (taking the magnetic pole number as 10 and the rated speed as 1500r/min, 3000r/min and 6000r/min as examples), so it is called medium frequency. The power frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz. Generally, the electric energy generated by the medium-frequency permanent magnet generator cannot be directly used by the public. It is necessary to convert the medium-frequency three-phase alternating current generated by the generator into direct current through the rectification technology, and then convert the direct current into alternating current through the inverter technology, and maintain the constant frequency and constant voltage voltage voltage output within the calibrated output power range and a certain speed (frequency) variation range. This kind of permanent magnet generator is essentially the combination of medium frequency permanent magnet generator and rectifier inverter control unit.


It can be seen that permanent magnet synchronous generator is a high-quality power supply equipment. The portability, availability and high-quality circuit of permanent magnet synchronous generator is one of the optimization schemes for wartime power supply guarantee and emergency power supply. However, because the permanent magnet synchronous generator is introduced into the rectifier and inverter link, the cost is increased, which is greater than the one-time investment of the same power electric excitation synchronous generator.


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