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Analysis On Wear Of Sealing Cone Of Outlet Valve Of Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 27, 2023

In the process of project development and production, the diesel generator set 100KW is the most basic power generation system, which is generally used for extreme operating conditions. Because most require ultra-high pressure and high temperature standards or corrosion, toxic and harmful substances can also be generated during use. Therefore, a sealing structure is required, among which the sealing performance of the oil pump is a common high-precision sealing structure. However, due to the fact that the sealing performance of the equipment not only involves contact with environmental temperature, working pressure, corrosion, and rotational shaft vibration, but also bears the heat generated by friction in the sealing process, which can easily cause sealing wear and deformation, thereby affecting the sealing performance and service life. Analyzing the common faults that affect the actual effect of the oil valve seal is beneficial for improving the closed structure, improving efficiency, production safety factor, and extending the service life of the oil valve seal.


The abrasion of the sealing cone of the 100KW outlet valve of the diesel generator set is caused by the residual pressure of the outlet valve spring and the high-pressure oil in the high-pressure oil pipe when the outlet valve acts as a pressure reducer, which makes the valve core hit the sealing cone of the valve seat, and at the same time, it is caused by the effect of impurities in the diesel oil. The wear of the pressure reducing ring and seat hole is mainly caused by the impurities in diesel fuel.


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After the sealing cone surface of the oil outlet valve is worn, it will lose its sealing performance, causing irregular oil leakage in the high-pressure oil pipe, thereby reducing and unstable residual pressure in the high-pressure oil pipe, reducing or even not supplying oil, resulting in uneven operation of each cylinder or each cylinder itself, especially at low speeds. At the same time, it will also cause the injection time to lag, as there will be more time for the next injection compared to the previous one. First, increase the reduced residual pressure in the fuel pipe, and then increase it to the pressure during fuel injection.


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