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Analysis On Several Causes Of Water Inflow In Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 14, 2023

The water in the diesel generator set will cause damage to the diesel generator, reduce its service life, and even directly lead to the scrapping of the whole machine. As for the causes of water ingress into the diesel generator set, according to the statistics of the technical maintenance department of Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. the following reasons are summarized:


1. The engine room is flooded and the whole diesel generator set is immersed in water.


2. Due to improper storage and protection of the unit, water enters the engine block from the smoke pipe in rainy days or for other reasons.


3. The cylinder gasket of the diesel generator set is damaged, and the water in the water channel in the cylinder body enters the unit.


Shangchai Power generator set

4. The water blocking ring of the wet cylinder liner is damaged. Because the water level of the radiator in the water tank is high and there is pressure, the water seeps into the oil path along the outer wall of the cylinder liner.


5. The engine oil cooler of the diesel generator set is damaged. The engine oil cooler circulates water or coolant, or after the engine oil coolant breaks, the internal water will enter the oil circuit, and the oil will also enter the water tank and mix together.


6. The water seal of the water pump of the diesel generator set is damaged, causing water to enter the oil duct.


7. There are cracks in the engine cylinder block or cylinder head, and water seeps through the cracks due to sudden cooling or frost cracking in the cylinder block.


The problems such as external water inflow can be generally prevented, that is, the generator protection work should be done well and the smoke pipe waterproof should be treated. For example, a head shall be made at the place where the generator enters, and a drain valve shall be left to drain the accumulated water frequently. For water inflow of diesel generator set caused by other reasons, the user can refer to the previous article, where the generator manufacturer teaches you the correct treatment method for water inflow of diesel generator set.


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