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Advantages and disadvantages of the development diesel generator market

Jul. 05, 2021

With the continuous maturity of technology and the prosperity of various industries, the application fields of diesel generator sets continue to expand. As a portable power source, diesel generator sets are difficult to be replaced in many fields. They are currently used in hospitals, banks, airports, and outdoor operations. The demand for places and other aspects is still very large, and diesel generator sets are still necessary for emergency. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages in the development of the diesel generator set industry?

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1. Advantages

(1) The application fields of diesel generator sets are continuously expanding. Many diesel generator sets in downstream industries are widely used in many fields in the national economy, including communications industry, power industry, petroleum and petrochemical industry, transportation industry, high-rise buildings, banking and financial industry. , Construction industry, coal industry, manufacturing industry and other fields. There are many downstream industries for diesel generator sets, and the market demand space is broad, which is not restricted by the development of a single industry or the operating conditions of a few customers.


(2) The continuous improvement of the level of social and economic development has led to higher and higher requirements for power supply guarantees, accompanied by the continuous and rapid development of my country's national economy, science and technology, and the ever-increasing improvement of people's living standards.

2. Disadvantages

(1) Our mid-to-high-end diesel generator sets mainly use internationally renowned brands of diesel engines and generators, and the production and operation of industry enterprises are at risk of being restricted by upstream suppliers. At present, in the production of diesel generator sets that meet the needs of the mid-to-high-end market, major components such as engines and generators are mainly selected from internationally well-known brands or localized internationally well-known brand products. There may be a tight supply of raw materials.

The production capacity of the diesel generator set industry is restricted by the supply of upstream diesel engines, etc., which is determined by the development level of the national basic industry. In recent years, my country has introduced some foreign technologies and manufacturing equipment. Domestic brands have certain competitiveness in low-power diesel engines below 100kW. However, in terms of production technology of high-power diesel engines, Our technology still exists a big gap compared with foreign developed countries.


(2) The "energy saving and emission reduction" policy restricts the application of high-emission diesel generator sets.

Affected by policies related to "energy saving and emission reduction", the production and sales of products with substandard noise and emissions will be restricted. my country’s economy is growing rapidly and various constructions have made great achievements, but the contradiction between economic development and the resources and environment has become increasingly acute. Due to the characteristics of high energy consumption, high noise, and serious environmental pollution, some diesel generating sets deviate from my country’s goal of building an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly society. With the implementation of the comprehensive national energy-saving and emission-reduction policy, and the future The control of the above may be further strengthened. Diesel generator products whose exhaust and noise emissions do not meet the standards will be gradually eliminated by the market.

In the market competition, the survival of the fittest. Similarly, in the diesel generator set industry, we still have to vigorously promote its advantages. For the disadvantages, strive to improve, and for the tight supply of raw materials, we can advocate the research and development of new energy materials, and at the same time, we must respond to the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy. , To reduce emissions, conform to today's energy conservation and environmental protection situation.


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