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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Speed Regulation

Nov. 25, 2021

The characteristic of the electronic governor of diesel generator set is that it can independently determine the speed control characteristics, and can determine the best torque characteristics, idling characteristics and transition characteristics when all accessories are installed. The electronic governor can adapt to the requirements of various uses, and the size of the unevenness can be selected according to the needs of the diesel engine. When performing non-differential speed regulation, the electronic control system will set the setting caused by the load change.


Advantages and disadvantages of electronic speed regulation of Starlight Power diesel generator set:

After the diesel generator is started, the speed can be adjusted to achieve a stable rated speed. Only by ensuring the stability of the generator speed can the output voltage and frequency be stable.


According to SOLAS requirements, if the emergency generator is equipped with an electronic governor, an independent battery pack must be provided for the electronic governor, which is different from the emergency generator starting battery. Therefore, the emergency generator with electronic speed regulation needs to be equipped with two sets of battery packs.


The speed of the generator set changes with the throttle. Just like a car engine, the speed is high when the throttle is high, and vice versa. This is achieved by controlling the throttle of the generator.


diesel generator set

I have only touched on one kind of mechanical speed control, which is a device similar to a pendulum ball on the rotating shaft of the generator. Different rotation speeds will produce unequal centrifugal force, just like a prayer drum swayed by a lama. The faster the swing, the greater the angle at which the two pendulum balls are thrown away. The throttle of the generator can be adjusted by the angle of the pendulum balls.


Electronic speed regulation is simpler. There is a speed sensor, which controls the servo motor to drive the rack according to the speed signal to control the throttle. The electronic governor replaces the rotating flying weight in the mechanical governor with electrical signal control, and does not use a mechanical mechanism. It is sensitive in action, fast in response, and accurate in dynamic and static parameters.


Starlight series diesel generator sets are based on the needs of users and the continuous development of society. Through years of technical demonstration and innovation, it provides the market with various specifications of ordinary, automatic, automatic parallel, intelligent, remote monitoring, and low noise. And vehicle-mounted mobile and other high-quality, low-energy and environmentally friendly generator sets.


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