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Adjustment Of The Water Pump Belt Of Cummins Generator Set

Apr. 11, 2022

There are different methods for adjusting the belt of the in-line Chongqing Cummins generator with tensioner. In particular, the adjustment of the water pump belt is the most common and requires the most experience and technology. The deviation of the in-line Chongqing Cummins generator water pump belt is the most common fault during its operation. To effectively solve such problems, it is necessary to improve the installation accuracy and strengthen the daily repair and maintenance work.


Loosen the screws and lock washers or lock nuts that fasten the Chongqing Cummins generator tensioner to the bracket or water pump.


Cummins generator

Adjust the tensioner using a pry bar or adjusting screws until the tension gauge indicates proper belt tension. Tighten the Chongqing Cummins generator lock nut or screw and lock washer to a torque of 45-55 ft-lb to secure the tensioner or bracket in place. There will be more exciting content in the future, please continue to pay attention.


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