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Acoustic Diagnosis And Treatment Method Of Diesel Generator Fire

Dec. 30, 2021

When a diesel generator catches fire, it produces a sharp, prominent, uninterrupted metal sound, idling speed or small load is very prominent, accompanied by mechanical vibration, relatively large load and high speed, the sound is relatively reduced, and the operation tends to be stable. Therefore, how to diagnose and deal with this kind of ignition sound? This paper is explained one by one by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd., a professional diesel generator manufacturer.


Method 1: If the ignition and roar of the diesel generator is initially judged to be a fault phenomenon, the operating temperature can be checked first, and then the fuel supply time (fuel injection advance angle) and quality can be checked.


Method 2: Pass the semi-cut oil test, that is, loosen the joint of the high-pressure oil pipe of the injector, and spray part of the oil to the outside to reduce the oil supply to the cylinder. If the sound and exhaust smoke disappear, it means that the ignition sound is caused by the excessive supply of the oil cylinder.


diesel generator

Method 3: If the semi-fuel cut test is used, the sound will only weaken but not disappear. The sound must disappear completely after the fuel cut, indicating that the ignition sound caused by the advance of the cylinder fuel supply time or the poor atomization quality of the fuel injector. Pay attention to check the fuel supply time of the cylinder (interval with the first cylinder) and the injection status of the fuel injector of the cylinder.


Method 4: Because individual cylinders supply too much fuel, you can also touch the exhaust manifold of the corresponding cylinder block after a cold start, and the large load will make a noise. Touching the lower part of the injector and its vicinity are hotter than other cylinders, indicating that the cylinder is supplying Too much oil. You can also hold the high-pressure oil pipe with your hands, and feel that the larger pulsation means that the oil cylinder is oversupply.


Method 5: The fuel supply of a single cylinder is too large and the fuel supply time is too early. The fuel injection pump should be moved to the test bench, the fuel supply of the cylinder and the fuel supply advance angle should be adjusted, and the fuel supply and fuel supply of each cylinder should be checked. Oil advance angle, oil supply interval angle.


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