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What Are The Use For Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 15, 2019

Diesel generator sets burn diesel oil by using diesel engine, convert heat energy into mechanical energy, and then cut magnetic field of generator driven by engine rotation, and finally generate electric energy. It can be used as backup power, mobile power, self-provided power, fire power supply, alternative power supply, which is widely used in telecommunications, finance, national defense, hospitals, schools, commerce, industrial and mining enterprises and residential and other occasions. Below are some introduction of diesel generator set major usage i daily life provided by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipment Co.,Ltd.



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1. Back Up Power Supply

The main purpose of using diesel genset as back up power is that some power generators may be configured for emergency generation in order to prevent accidents, such as circuit failures or temporary power outages, even though they already have a more secure and reliable network supply. The power generator set that uses the power supply generally has a high demand for the power supply guarantee, and even the power outage of one minute and one second is not allowed. 

The power supply must be replaced by the emergency power generation at the moment when the power supply of the network is terminated, otherwise it will cause great losses in the area. Such generator set includes traditional high-power security generator such as hospitals, mines, power plants, electric heating plants and so on. In recent years, network power has become a new growth point in the demand for backup power, such as telecom operators, banks, airports, command centers, databases, highways, high-grade hotel offices, high-level restaurants and entertainment places, etc. As a result of the use of network management, these genset are increasingly becoming the main use of backup power.


2. Mobile Power Supply

A mobile power source is a power generation facility that has no fixed location and is diverted from place to place. Diesel generator set is the first choice of mobile power because of its portable, flexible and easy to operate. Mobile power supply is generally designed as a power vehicle form, there are self-powered vehicles, but also trailer power vehicles. Most of the generator set that use mobile power sources have mobile working properties, such as oil fields, geological exploration, field engineering expeditions, camping and picnics, mobile command posts, trains and ships. There are also some mobile power sources, such as emergency power supply vehicles for urban power supply departments, water supply, engineering emergency vehicles for gas supply departments, emergency repair vehicles, and so on.


3. Self-Contained Power Source

Some places which lack of electricity need to be equipped with their own power supply, such as islands far away from the mainland, remote pastoral areas, rural areas, barracks in desert highlands, workstations, radar stations, etc. The self-provided power supply is the spontaneous self-use power supply. When the power is not provided enough, the diesel generator often becomes the first choice of the self-provided power supply.


4. Fire Power


Fire fighting generating sets are mainly for building fire fighting equipment. Once a fire occurs, the electricity is cut off, and the generator sets become the power source of the fire fighting equipment. With the development of the fire protection law, domestic real estate fire power supply will have great potential to develop a very large market.


5. Alternative Power Source

The role of alternative power supply is to remedy the shortage of power supply. There may be two situations where the price of electricity is too high and diesel generators are chosen as an alternative source of power from a cost-saving point of view; and the other is that the use of electricity in the network is restricted when the supply of electricity is insufficient. The power supply department has to pull the switch everywhere to limit the power. In order to produce and work normally, the power supply should be replaced. 

Several times in recent years, the market for diesel generator set products in China, such as the nationwide hot sales in the first half of the 1980s and the South China in the early 1990s and the East China region in 2003-2004, are all caused by national and regional power shortages. In order to cope with the large-scale switching power limit, all power units have purchased diesel generator units as an alternative power supply.

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