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What Are The Factors Affecting The Price of Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 26, 2018

As a self-provided emergency power supply equipment, diesel generator set is applied in various fields. Many users do not understand why the same brand, the same power generator sets so different prices. In this regard, Jiangsu starlight electricity equipment Co., Ltd. as a professional manufacturer of diesel generator sets help you to understand the reasons for price differences:

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Diesel generator mainly consists of diesel engine, generator and controller. The price of diesel generator sets varies according to the brand and configuration of the three parts. In the case of diesel engine brand, the same power, pay attention to generator differences, such as brand, power. Generally speaking, the power of a generator diesel engine should be equal to or slightly greater than the power of the generator, and it should not be assumed that the greater the power of the generator, the more electricity the unit can emit. There are also different controllers, brand prices are also quite different. Customers can consult the sales staff according to their own needs when purchasing diesel generator sets to purchase the right generators.



When buying, it is clear whether the business is talking about common power or standby power. Diesel generator set price and power have a great relationship, some dealers to small charge, users should pay special attention to the purchase.


Materials for diesel generator sets The purchase price of parts and components fluctuates with the market, for example, the price of iron and steel increases because of the steel plant's limited production / shutdown, and the price of some parts will also rise because of the improvement of the production process, which will affect the price of the whole genset.


Market demand. During peak periods, power cuts often occur in many places, and prices of diesel generators rise as market demand increases.



Why is the price of the same power diesel generator set so different?


Diesel generator is a kind of power generation equipment powered by diesel engine. As a self-provided AC emergency power supply equipment for power station, diesel generator has been widely used in various fields. Especially in some remote areas, electricity is often not met in time. At this point, the role of diesel generators is particularly important. In the process of purchasing diesel generator sets, customers do not know much about the price of diesel generators, such as the same brand or even the same power generator set price difference is very confused.


The following detailed introduction under the diesel generator set price of several main factors.



First of all, diesel generator includes diesel engine and generator, its price is different because of the brand and configuration of these two parts. In the case of the same diesel engine brand and same power, the performance of the whole diesel generator will be different if different generators are selected. The performance of diesel generator set is more important when users choose and purchase diesel generator set, so they must be careful when purchasing diesel generator set. According to their own needs, users can consult diesel generator manufacturers to select a matching generator.


Secondly, the price of diesel generator sets and its materials have a direct relationship. With the rise of steel prices in the market, the price of diesel generator sets is also rising, especially in some places, electricity supply is short, some areas have been limited electricity, which makes the price of diesel generator set rise again.


In addition, the diesel generator set is composed of many parts, and the production line is complicated, so the cost of the whole diesel generator set is high.


When you buy a diesel generator set, you need to pay attention to the common power and reserve power. Because the price and power of diesel generator have a great relationship, there are many merchants to small charge, the phenomenon of substandard existence. Therefore, starlight company here reminds each user in the purchase unit, must be extremely careful.



How to distinguish the true genset through the price accounting of diesel generator set. Diesel generator set price accounting does not process the profit of the factory, cost price accounting out after the exchange with each manufacturer after the lowest price comparison, lower than the cost of your accounting of the generator set manufacturer is bound to be problematic, completely untrustworthy. Some price offered by manufacturers can not even buy the price of diesel engines, diesel engines are bound to be false. Although the price quoted by some manufacturers is higher than that of diesel engine, but lower than the total price of diesel engine and generator, it is inevitable that the diesel engine or generator is false. Some manufacturers quote higher than the total price of diesel engine and generator, but less than the cost of your accounting, it is inevitable that the diesel engine or generator or control system or accessories are not complete.


Select the final cooperation object in the factory that is higher than your accounting cost, leave reasonable profit to the other party, cut the price too hard, will lead to some factory after-sales service lag behind.


Of course, there are fake high-priced black-hearted manufacturers, which requires you to consult the generator industry experts carefully identify.



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