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Starlight Diesel Generator Set Assembly Work Instruction

Oct. 15, 2019

Starlight Generator Set Assembly Technology (Single support)

1. Scope of application: 15GF-2000GF Diesel Generator Set

2. Equipment and measuring instruments: 5m steel measuring tape, 20T bridge crane, all kinds of wrenches, and diesel generator set test-bed and so on.

3. Subassembly: bridge assembly 15GF-2000GF

Diesel engines: Cummins, Volvo, Shangchai (SDEC), Yuchai and other brands of water-cooled diesel engines.

Alternator: 15KW-2000KW brushless AC synchronous generator

Control cabinet: BK or other models

Water tank assembly: diesel engine package

Nameplate: mint-mark according to the unit specifications

power generator assembly factory

4. Quoted standard:

GB/T2820-2009 alternating current generator set driven by reciprocating internal combustion engine

QJB5785-2006 general specification for military internal combustion engine generator sets

YD/T502-2007 technical requirements for diesel generator sets for communication

JB/T10303-2001 technical requirements for power frequency diesel generator set

5. General assembly process

5.1 Lift the diesel engine, wipe off the ground, clean the assembly surfaces of the bridge, place the rubber shock absorber (or shock absorber), place the diesel engine on the plane of the engine support of the bridge, and insert the fixing bolt into the fixing hole of the diesel engine seat and the bridge, cover with flat pad, spring pad and tighten the nut moderately.

5.3 Lift the generator, wipe out the bottom plane, place it on the bridge and the generator support plane, push the generator, the front cover flange of the generator enters the flywheel housing of the diesel engine. Screw the fixing bolt around the front cover of the generator into the flywheel housing of the diesel engine; insert the rubber foot cushion (or shock absorber) between the base of generator and the bridge, and then insert the generator fixing bolt into the foot hole, cover with a flat pad, spring pad, and tighten the nut.

5.4 Lifting water tank assembly: Place the water tank on the bracket of the tank, insert the fixed bolt, put in the flat pad, spring pad, and tighten the nut. (Oil-resistant and shock-proof rubber pad is placed to the connection between the water tank and bridge);

diesel generator set assembly

5.5 Connecting the oil pipe, water pipe, the water pipe on the water tank is connected to the engine outlet pipe, the water tank inlet pipe is connected with the water pump outlet pipe. (oil cooler, the oil cooler outlet pipe is connected with the oil filter, the oil cooler inlet pipe is connected with the oil pipe on the fuselage) It is required to connect the waterways. The connection part of the oil circuit must be firm and tight, and there must be no water leakage or oil leakage.

5.6 Inspection: Check whether the electrical circuit is installed correctly and reliably according to the drawings, and the exposed conductor should be protected by an insulating sleeve, and the mechanical strength and reliability of the overall assembly of the genset shall be checked;

5.7 Test: Put the unit on the test bench of diesel generator set, add water, oil, diesel oil, connecting circuit, oil circuit, and water way, carry out factory test according to GB/T2820-2009, QJB5785-2006, and YD/T502-2007 standard, print the test report after the test is passed, and issue the qualified label.

5.8 Paint: Clean the surface of qualified units, clean the oil stains and dirt on the surface of diesel generators, wipe off the dirt and dust on the surface of the electrode, and drain diesel, oil, water. If each part of the paint is intact and the color is new, there is no need to re-paint. If the paint is damaged or the color changes like the old one, it must be repainted according to the color of the original machine or according to the user's requirements. Spray paint requires uniform paint film, no leakage, wrinkles, lacquer tumors, flow marks and other defects.

5.9 Riveted aluminum brand: The data on each column of the aluminum plate should be complete, accurate and clear. It should be riveted in the specified position of the generating set, and the riveting is vertical, horizontal and level.

Genset nameplate

5.10 Package: The package of the unit is the package of the whole machine. The spare parts and accessories shall be separately packed. Temporary anti-rust protection measures shall be taken for exposed metal surfaces which are not coated or electroplated before packaging for the units and accessories, and the whole packing case shall be firm and reliable, the packing case shall be clearly painted with the product model, specification, packing list and random technical documents to be placed in obvious position in the packing box.

Starlight Generator Set Assembly Technology (Double Support)

1. Scope of application

The synchronous generator set produced by Starlight company is equipped with the assembly of double fulcrum motors.

2. Equipment and measuring instruments, tools, etc., bridge crane, tape measure, dial indicator, magnetic table, portable grinder, adjusting gasket, etc.

3. Assembly: Diesel engine, alternator, coupling joint, and common chassis。

4. Assembly method:

The assembly operation guidance is ready, common base, engine, generator, coupling and the like.

4.2 Concentricity correction

Assemble coupling joint, assembly; repair both sides of keyway and shaft hole burr, reverse obtuse sharp edge, align connecting joint inner hole and generator shaft extension key position, load by hammer method, use iron block liner when hammering, do not injure end face and shaft hole of coupling joint.

4.2.2 Lifting, diesel engine, generator, and common base shall be installed according to the general assembly operation instruction.

4.2.3 The coupling plane and motor stop plane are measured with a tape ruler to ensure that the clearance between the coupling plane and the plane of the engine flywheel is 5 - 7 mm after general assembly.

4.2.4 Use a magnetic watch holder to install the dial indicator, adjust the concentricity, align the dial indicator to the outer edge of the stop, and make sure that the pointer is in a certain reading, slowly rotate the coupling, and look at the readings of the dial indicator on the outer edge of the stop, lower, left and right, and record or calculate. Then point the dial indicator to the end of the stop to ensure that the pointer has a certain reading. Slowly turn the joint to see the dial indicator reading above and below the end face of the stop, and adjust the stop position slightly to ensure that the reading between the stop and the pointer position is between 0.15-0.2mm.

4.2.5 Tighten the bolts according to the assembly work instructions after the assembly is completed.

5. Complete the assembly according to the general assembly instructions and reach the next procedure.

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