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Maintenance of ELC Cooling System of Perkins Generator Set

Dec. 06, 2018

I Long-lasting coolant addition

Use premixed or concentrated coolant only for Perkins products. Perkins extenders can only be used with long-life coolants.

Mix long-life coolant with other products to reduce the life of long-life coolant. The failure to do so will reduce the life of the cooling system components unless proper remedial action is taken.

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Perkins Low Noise Diesel Generator Set 

To maintain the correct balance between coolant and additives, the recommended concentration of long-life coolant (ELC) must be maintained. Lowering the proportion of the coolant also reduces the proportion of the additive. This will reduce the ability of the coolant protection system to resist pitting, cavitation, erosion and deposits.


Note: Be careful not to use conventional coolant to supplement the cooling system filled with long-life coolant (ELC). do not use the standard supplemental coolant additive (SCA). The ELC extender is only used in the RLC cooling system. Do not use standard SCA or SCA filters when using Perkins ELC.


II ELC Cooling System Cleaning

If the cooling system is already using ELC, it is not necessary to use the cleaning agent during the specified coolant replacement cycle. Cleaning agents are only required if the system has been contaminated by some other type of coolant or cooling system of diesel generator set that has been added.


When the ELC is discharged from the cooling system, it is only necessary to rinse with clean water.


After draining the cooling system and refilling the cooling system, install the filter cap. Run the engine until the coolant reaches the normal operating temperature. Shut down the engine with a normal shutdown procedure. If necessary, add a coolant mixture to fill the system to the specified level. Install the filter cap.


III Replace With Perkins ELC


To replace heavy-duty coolant with Perkins ELC, perform the following steps:


1. Drain the coolant into a suitable container

2. Dispose of the coolant according to local regulations water to remove any debris.

3. Rinse the cooling system with clean water to remove any debris.

4. Use a Perkins cleaner to clean the system. Follow the instructions on the label.

5. Drain the cleaner into a suitable container. Filling the cooling system with clean water.

6. Fill the cooling system with clean water and run the engine until it warms to 49 to 66.

7. Shut down the engine with a normal shutdown procedure. Drain the coolant into a suitable container and rinse the cooling system with clean water.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the system is completely clean.

9. Fill the cooling system with Perkins premixed ELC.


Method to check and clean Perkins generator set after cooler core inspection and cleaning method


Check the following conditions on the cooler: heat sink damage, corrosion, dirt, grease, inspect stains, leaves, oil and other debris, if necessary, clean the cooler.


The rear cooler core can not be removed, and the aftercooler core can be cleaned with a suitable detergent. The aftercooler must be dry before running the engine. The following are the after-cooler cleaning methods.


Compressed air is the first method to remove loose debris. Compress air is blown in the opposite direction of the fan airflow. Keep the nozzle discrete heat piece about6mm away. Slowly move the nozzle in a direction parallel to the tube. This will remove debris between the tubes.


High pressure water can also be used for cleaning. The maximum water pressure for cleaning must be less than 275kPa, and high pressure water is used to soften the sludge. Clean the rear cooler core from both sides. Be careful not to wash the core with a high concentration of corrosive detergent. High concentrations of corrosive cleaners can corrode metals inside the core and cause leakage.


Rinse the aftercooler with a suitable cleaning agent


Clean the aftercooler with steam to remove ant residue. Rinse the fins of the aftercooler. Remove all other residual debris.


Wash the aftercooler with hot soapy water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.


Dry the aftercooler with  compressed air. Let the air blow in the opposite direction of normal flow. Remove all liquid from the aftercooler. Make sure the aftercooler is dry.


Check the aftercooler to make sure it is clean. Pressure test the aftercooler and replace the aftercooler if necessary.


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