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Is it better to rent or buy diesel generator set?

Apr. 19, 2019

600 kW Shangchai generator set manufacturer solves your worry.

To the person whom needs diesel generator set, they may meet some problem. The first problem is that whether it is better to rent diesel generators or not. It's also expected to get you involved in this problem.

The problem seems very difficult. In fact, we can consider it from our own situation. Renting or buying diesel generator set all is to solve the problem of standby power supply. If you buy a diesel generator set by yourself, you will have the right to use it, and you put it on the place you need for a long time. If there is a blackout, the diesel generator set can immediately supply power as a standby power supply, so that you don't need to contact the leasing company. It greatly shortens the time of power supply, it can reduce the risk brought to enterprises by unexpected situations.

This is a suggestion from a factory who produced 600kw diesel generator set, not as a final decision to buy generators, it depends on your requirement. But whatever buy generator set or rent, we need to know some related common sense about diesel generator set. Only in this way, we can choose the right generator set and avoid unnecessary losses caused by misleading.

diesel generator set

Starlight power company share some common sense here.

1.The demarcation power of generator set

The generator set supplied to customers are commonly used generator set. It can supply power to load for 12 hours with rated power. Users can use power to calibrate the generator set of standby unit when the power failure is too frequent and the power supply time is not long. It operates at an average maximum power of 80% for no more than 200 hours per years, and at a maximum power of 100% for no more than 25 hours per years.

2.Load analysis 

Many factors affect the size of selected generating units. Inside, the characteristics of system load is an important factor. Before leasing a diesel generator, users must carefully consider the following points:

A.whether it is used as a common generator or a standby generator;

B.Consider the future increase in power consumption of the system;  

C.The allowable voltage drop of the system; 

D.The starting of the motor.

3. Problems needing attention in matching generator sets with three-phase motors

Three-phase AC induction motors are the most commonly used in mechanical engineering. Because of their starting characteristics, these motors have direct power supply systems. If started directly online, surge current will be generated up to 6 times the click rated current. After the soft start device is installed, the starting current is very stable and will not impact the generator.

4. Care must be taken when starting an engine at low temperature

When the ambient temperature is too low or the engine does not need to be restarted for a long time, it will affect the normal establishment of the flow rate and oil pressure of the engine lubricant. At this time, it will take several minutes to idle after start-up, and it will not enter the normal working state until the oil pressure is normal.

5. At the same time, it is also necessary to avoid engine idling for a long time. The idling time should not exceed 5 minutes.

Intercooler generator oil extractor is equipped with water tank intercooler components.The air from the compressor of the supercharger does not enter directly into the intake pipe of the engine, but leads the supercharged air to the intercooler for water-air cooling. Compressed air is cooled to further increase its density, which is conducive to improving engine power and performance.

Is it better to rent or buy Diesel generators? If you are still struggling with this problem, go directly to the 600 kW Shangchai generator set manufacturer Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipment Co.,Ltd, We will provide the best reply and service to you.

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