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Introduction of Diesel Generator Set Parts

Jan. 31, 2018

4.9 Fuel oil

Fuel system is responsible for the continuous clean fuel supply to the engine. Most fuel system will install with a daily fuel tank, a large fuel tank, oil pump and relative systems.

Introduction of Diesel Generator Set Parts

The spilt fuel tank of stationary electric generating set shall be in accordance with the local specifications.

It is forbidden to smoke and produce sparkle as well as flame near the fuel. The volatilized fuel and engine oil are explosive.

4.9.1 Daily fuel tank: Daily fuel tank supply oil to the generator directly and it is appropriate to store it in the generator room. The steel underframe of small generator set is equipped with steel or plastic daily  fuel tank, which is provided with fuel manifold connected to the diesel. Such “bottom fuel tank” enables the diesel to operate at least 8 hours with full load or about 24 hours if equipped with super large bottom fuel tank.

4.9.2 Large fuel tankA  spilt large fuel tank is required to lengthen the service time of the generating set,  especially for those emergency generating set without regular fuel supply. The large fuel tank generally is installed outdoors where is convenient for fueling as well as cleaning and examination. However, it shall not expose to a frozen place in winter as the flow speed of fuel will slow down with the viscosity increase. The fuel tank can be installed above ground or underground. The large fuel tank must have air vent for releasing pressure produced during the fueling or pressure produced by volatilization and expansion. It also needs to pay attention to prevent empty space due to fuel consumption. The bottom of fuel tank should be round and must have 20 tilting angle for convenience of water accumulation and precipitation. A drain valve shall be set in the lowest position for water and precipitation emission to a certain place. The fuel tank buried underground shall often discharge the water.

The difference in height between large fuel tank and daily fuel tank is extremely importance. Since the maximum vertical distance of electronic defueling pump is 4m, the bottom of large fuel tank shall be no lower than 4m level height of the daily fuel tank. (The abovementioned fuel tanks shall be provided by users.) 4.9.3 Oil passage: fuel tube can be made of any materials compatible to fuel, such as steel pipe or soft pipes adaptative to any environments. 


Fuel tank is not allowed to apply the lead plating plumbing. The pipeline for fuel delivery and backflow shall be with same diameter as that of mouth opened on the generating set while the overflow pipeline shall be larger. If the pipeline is very long, or the surrounding temperature is very low, these oil pipelines must be enlarged to ensure the smooth flow of fuel. Soft pipe shall be applied for the connection with diesel to prevent damage or breakage and oil leakage due to the vibration of the machine. Oil extraction by delivery pipeline shall be no less than 50mm from the bottom of the high-end fuel tank and shall be far from the drain valve. Clean oil is critical to the service life and reliability of the engine. The first-level filter shall be installed between the delivery pump and filter of the engine. The valve for water and precipitation discharge shall be installed on the opposite end of the delivery pump.

4.10 Fire prevention

The following measures shall be considered during the design and installation of generating set:

* The generator room shall be equipped with fire escape for the workers to leave in fire alarm.

* Equip with BC or ABC fire extinguisher system.

* Gravity fire damper closed by temperature’s manipulation on fuse can be

connected on the diesel and installed on fuel system to cut the fuel supply.

4.11 Start battery

It is not allowed to smoke and produce sparkle and flame near the battery as the hydrogen produced during the battery charging is explosive.

Battery shall be close to the generator as much as possible as over long wire will affect the start ability. Furthermore, it hall be installed in the place convenient for maintenance.

4.12 Wire connection

The power wire connecting generator output to the load must be implemented and maintained by experienced qualified electrician.

Connection must be in consistent with relevant electric standard and other requirements, including requirement on ground connection and error protection for ground connection.

4.12.1 Connection

Wires used for connecting to the generator must be soft wires because of the generator vibration, which can avoid the damage to the binding post of alternator or power air switch during the generator movement. If it is impossible to use soft wires due to installation, a junction box can be installed near the generator which shall be connected to the generator by soft wires. The connection must be put on pipeline or wire chase rather than fastening on the generating set. If it is necessary to bend the wire, please refer to the minimum bending radius. Wire must be coordinate with the output voltage and current of the generator. It is necessary to consider the temperatures indoors, installation method and other wires by side before determining the thickness of wires. When use copper wire with singe core, the sealed protection must be use nonmagnetic metal like aluminum or copper, or nonmetallic Tufnol. If use magnetic metal protection, the Jiechong approach is to cut slit on the protection to ensure that the current won’t form eddy.

All of the connectors must be checked for fastness and phase consistence with electric supply, which is critical important in application of automatic transfer switchesor when the generating set serves as a parallel operation.

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