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Instructions for Buying Used Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 22, 2018

Used diesel generator set buying tips


Buying a new diesel generator set requires only a good brand and manufacturer. Generally, there is no problem, but some customers will purchase a second-hand diesel generator set as a backup power source for the purpose of saving production costs. Be more careful when you choose. When purchasing a second-hand diesel generator set, you should pay attention to these aspects:



Some customers tend to consider buying used diesel generator sets in order to save costs. There are many places to identify when purchasing a second-hand diesel generator set. If you are not an expert, it is difficult to buy a second-hand unit with practical value. So what issues should you pay attention to when buying a second-hand generator set?


1. Need to know the purchase time, use and reasons for the sale of used diesel generator sets, ask about the past maintenance situation, change the important parts, ask what problems in the use, in order to have a more comprehensive system of second-hand diesel generator sets.


2. Visual inspections identify the new second-hand use of used diesel generator sets from signs and appearances. Look at the factory where the generator set is produced, when it leaves the factory, how long it is from now; see if the paint on the outside is falling off, whether the part is missing, whether the model is eliminated or not.


3. Replace the bearings and bushings, this is to ensure that these places do not cause any damage, the bearings and bushings are operated by the coercive generator, which is difficult to test, so from a safety point of view, the replacement of bearings and bushings is the most Good course of action.


4. Inspect the complete weld, inspect the electrical components and the complete winding, complete the wire insulation breakdown test to ensure that the generator set can be used normally.


5. Test machine. By carefully cranking the crankshaft, pulling the flywheel, starting the machine, etc., the second-hand diesel generator set is carefully examined. Consult your Starlight Technology Consultant for specific inspection methods.


Method of identifying New and Old Diesel Generator sets


The diesel generator set is a convenient power generation equipment. It mainly uses the "diesel engine" as the prime mover to drive the generator to generate power. Therefore, the diesel engine is an extremely important part of the whole set of units. It is extremely important for users to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the diesel engine when purchasing the unit. According to the years of industry experience of Starlight, to identify the new and old degree of diesel generator diesel engine, you can take the question, see, test method


1. Ask question

Inquire about the purchase time, use and reason of the diesel engine, repair and replacement of major components, and what problems have occurred during use to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the genset.


2. Check

First of all, look at whether the model is a eliminated model, and then look at the new and old degree of the diesel engine from the outside, and finally check whether the parts are complete, with or without damage.


3. That is, the test machine, this link is more important, the specific steps are as follows:


A. Shake the crankshaft to make the fuel injection pump supply oil. For example, the injector emits a crisp sounding sound, indicating that the plunger pair and the injector have good performance; if there is no abnormal sound in the gear chamber, the gear wear is not serious.


B. The cylinder is decompressed and the crankshaft is cranked. When the decompression is removed, if the rebound force of the piston is large, the flywheel rotates rapidly, indicating that the degree of wear of the cylinder liner, the piston and the piston ring is small. At this time, the oil pressure gauge reading should be no less than 1 or the oil pressure indicates that the red buoy can rise quickly, and the hand pressure buoy should be laborious.


C. If the flywheel is shaken up and down, if there is no sound, no obvious shaking, it means that the gap between the main shaft of the crankshaft and the bearing bush is not large; if the flywheel is turned, if there is no click, it means that the wear between the crankshaft connecting rod journal and the connecting rod is not serious.


D. Starting the diesel generator set is relatively easy, the exhaust gas is colorless or light gray, the speed is stable, and there is no noise, which indicates that the diesel engine technology of the unit is in good condition.



Cummins generator set renovation old machine recognition tips


Each brand of the generator set has a refurbished old machine, which is difficult for the professionals to distinguish. The identification method is the same as the deck fake machine introduced earlier. But with some exceptions, there is no need to identify at all. For example, some manufacturers in Guangdong imported Cummins' old machines from India, because there are also Cummins factories in India. These unscrupulous manufacturers claim to be imported Cummins diesel engines and can also provide customs certification.


In fact, Cummins has two joint ventures in China: Xiangfan Dongfeng Cummins and Chongqing Cummins, so it has a trade protection agreement. Cummins has designated sales areas in factories around the world. Conflicts are forbidden. All imported Cummins engines cannot be new machines. Unless they are smuggled, there will be no customs certification for smuggling.




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