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Instruction for Perkins Generator Set Maintenance

Jan. 14, 2019

What are the preparations for the Perkins generator before starting


1. Open the supply valve and return line (if equipped).


2. If the engine does not start for several weeks, the fuel may escape from the fuel system and some bubbles may be trapped in the engine fuel system when the fuel filter is replaced. In these cases, the oil should be pumped manually to the fuel system.

Instruction for Perkins Generator Set Maintenance.jpg


3. Ensure that two air cutoff valves 1 (shown below) are in open position.



4. If the engine does not start for more than 3 months, the engine oil system must be pumped manually. Follow these steps to pump the engine oil system.


A. Disconnect the speed sensor connector on the governor control and make sure the governor stops in the stop position.


B. Switch the key to the starting position. Keep the key switch in this position until the oil pressure gauge indicates 100kpa (14.5040psi). Keep the key switch in the starting position for 10 seconds.


Note: the key switch is part of the panel provided by OEM and the exact starting steps may vary. For correct starting steps, refer to the instructions provided by OEM.


C. Switch the key to the STOP position.


D. Reconnect speed sensor connector.


Normal starting procedure of Perkins Generator set


1. As far as possible do not start the generator set under load conditions.


2. Transfer the key switch to the starting (STAR) position. The engine should start immediately.


3. After the engine starts, return the key switch to the running (RUN) position. If the engine has not started after 10 seconds, turn the key switch back into operation and (RUN) for 10 seconds. Then repeat steps 2 and 3. If the engine is still unable to start after three attempts, please find out why.


4. After engine starts, follow steps 4.a and 4.b.


A. Check the oil pressure.

B. Check the machine for leaks.

C. Make sure the battery is charged.

D. After running the engine for five minutes, check the generator monitoring system. Make sure the engine works properly before loading.


Note: do not use ether-like spray starting aids in cold weather. Otherwise, it could lead to explosion and personal injury.


The use of water jacket heaters or extra battery capacity improves the machine's startability below 10 ℃.


Methods for checking and cleaning the core of the rear cooler of Perkins generator set


Check for damage, corrosion, dirt, grease, insect stains, leaves, oil and other debris on the cooler. Clean the cooler if necessary.


The rear cooler core can not be removed and can be cleaned with proper cleaning agent. The rear cooler must be dry before running the engine. The following are the methods for cleaning the recooler:


Compressed air is the first way to remove loose debris. Blow the compressed air in the opposite direction of the fan stream. Keep the nozzle about 6mm away from the radiator. Slowly move the nozzle in a direction parallel to the pipe. This will remove the debris between the pipes.


High pressure water can also be used for cleaning. Maximum water pressure for cleaning must be lower than 275 kpa. soften sludge with high pressure water. Clean the chiller core from both sides. Be careful not to use a high concentration of corrosive detergent to clean the core. High concentrations of corrosive detergents can corrode metal inside the core and cause leakage.


Reverse wash the cooler with proper detergent.


Steam clean the cooler to remove all residues. The radiator of a flushing cooler. Remove all other residual debris.


Wash the cooler with hot soapy water. Rinse the cooler thoroughly with clear water.


Use compressed air to dry the cooler. Let the air blow in the opposite direction of normal flow. Remove all liquid from the aftercooler. Make sure the rear cooler is dry.


Check the rear cooler to make sure it is clean. Test the pressure of the rear cooler and replace it if necessary.


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