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How to Properly Install A Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 26, 2018

As a kind of emergency backup power supply machine, the structure of diesel generator set is very complicated. Users should pay attention to some problems in every stage of purchasing diesel generator set to safety acceptance, especially during the installation process. Below is a complete installation instruction of diesel generator set installation provided by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipment Co.,Ltd.

I Preparation work before diesel generator set installation


Generator set Transportation



Users should pay attention to the lifting rope which should be tied to the appropriate position, light lifting light release during transportation. When generator set arrives at the destination, it should be placed in the storage room as far as possible. If there is no storage room need to be in the open storage, the tank pad will be high to prevent Rain Water from encroaching, and the tank should be covered with rain protection tent to prevent the equipment from being damaged by the sun and rain.

genset transportation.jpg


Due to the large size and heavy weight of the genset, the handling route should be arranged before installation, and the handling port should be reserved in the machine room. If the doors and windows are not large enough, a larger port can be reserved in the location of the doors and windows. After the units move in, the masonry walls and installation doors and windows will be repaired.



Open the Packing


Dust should be removed before opening the packing to see if there is any damage. Check the packing number and quantity, do not damage the machine when leaving the packing. The open-packing order is to fold the roof first, then remove the side plate. After unpacking, the following shall be done:



Count all units and accessories according to unit list and packing list;


Check that the main dimensions of the diesel generator and accessories are in accordance with the drawings


Check genset and accessories for damage and corrosion;


If the generator set can not be installed in time after inspection, the finished surface of the disassembled machine should be re-coated with anti-rust oil for proper protection. For the transmission and sliding parts of the genst, do not rotate generator set the antirust oil has been cleared. If rust-proof oil has been removed after inspection, reapply it after inspection.


After opening the generator set should pay attention to custody, must be horizontally placed, flange and all kinds of interfaces must be sealed, bandaged, prevent Rain Water and ash sand immersion.


Line location


According to the relationship between the genset and the wall or the center of the column, and the relationship between genset and other genset, the vertical and horizontal baselines of the installation location of the generator are delineated according to the dimensions of the relationship between genset and the wall or the center of the column. The allowable deviation between the center of generator set and the center of the wall or column is 20mm, and the tolerance between the unit and the unit is 10mm.


Check equipment and ready for installation


Check the equipment, understand the design contents and construction drawings, prepare materials according to the design drawings, and send the materials to the construction site in sequence according to the construction plan.

Preparation of lifting equipment and installation tools



II Installation of diesel generator


Measuring foundation and center line of diesel generator set


Before the generator set is in place, draw the foundation and the center line of the genset and the position line of shock absorber according to the drawing "release line".


Hoisting diesel generator set



When hoisting, the steel wire rope of sufficient strength is used in the lifting position of genset, which can not be mounted on the shaft, and it should also prevent from touching the tubing and dial, lift the generator set as required, align it with the foundation centerline and the shock absorber, and level the generator set cushion.



Generator Set Leveling


Adjust the machine to the level with the pad iron. The installation accuracy is 0. 1 mm per meter with vertical and horizontal deviation. There can not have any spacing between the cushion iron and the seat, so that the force is uniform. The exhaust pipe shall be installed with care that the exposed part of the exhaust pipe shall not be in contact with wood or other flammable substances. Pipe extension must allow thermal expansion to occur, pipe can prevent rain, water and so on.


There are two ways to lay the exhaust pipe:


Horizontal overhead: the advantages are less turning and less resistance; the disadvantage is poor indoor heat dissipation and high room temperature.


Trench laying: the advantage is good indoor heat dissipation; many shortcomings turn and resistance.


The temperature of the exhaust pipe of the unit is high, in order to prevent scald operator and reduce the radiation heat to raise the temperature of the machine room, it is appropriate to carry on the heat preservation treatment, the heat insulation material may use the glass wire or the silicate aluminum bandage, may take the heat insulation, reduces the noise function.


III Installation of exhaust system


The working definition of exhaust system of diesel generator set refers to the exhaust pipe connected to the engine room by the engine exhaust port after the diesel generator set is installed on the basis of the engine room.


The diesel generator exhaust system includes exhaust pipes connected to the outside of the engine room with a muffler, bellows, flanges, elbows, gaskets, and engine room connections to the engine standard.


The exhaust system should reduce the number of elbows and shorten the total length of exhaust pipe as much as possible, otherwise it will lead to the increase of exhaust pipe pressure, which will lead to excessive power loss of the diesel generator set. It will affect the normal operation of the genset and reduce the normal service life of generator set.


The exhaust pipe diameter specified in the technical data of diesel generator set is usually based on the installation of the exhaust pipe with a total length of 6 m and a bend and a muffler at most. When the exhaust system has exceeded the prescribed length and the number of bends in actual installation, the exhaust pipe diameter should be appropriately increased, and the increase depends on the total length of the exhaust pipe and the number of elbows.


The first section of the pipeline from the turbocharger exhaust manifold must contain a flexible bellows section. The bellows have been supplied to customers at random, and the second stage of the exhaust pipe should be elastic supported to avoid unreasonable installation of the exhaust pipe. Or the additional side stress and compressive stress caused by the relative displacement caused by the heat effect of the exhaust system are added to the unit while the unit is in operation. All the supporting mechanisms and suspension devices of the exhaust pipe should be elastic to a certain extent.


When there is more than one generator st in the machine room, remember that the exhaust system of each unit should be designed and installed independently. It is not allowed for different units to share an exhaust pipe in order to avoid the abnormal movement caused by the different exhaust pressure of different units in operation, to increase the exhaust back pressure and to prevent the exhaust gas from returning through the common pipe, Affects the unit normal power output or even causes the genset damage.


IV Installation of electrical systems


Laying mode of cable


Cable laying methods include direct burying, cable trench and wall laying.


Selection of laying paths for cables


The following principles should be taken into account in selecting the laying path of the cable:


The electric power path is the shortest and the turning is the least;


Make cable as little as possible by mechanical, chemical and ground current and other factors and damage;


General requirements for cable laying

Cable laying must comply with the planning and design requirements of the relevant technical regulations.


If the laying conditions permit, the length of the cable can be taken into account with a margin of 1.5% or 2%, which can be used as a reserve for inspection and repair, and the directly buried cable should be laid in wave shape.


In the case of a building or structure which is introduced or drawn by cable, the cable passes through the floor and the main wall, from the cable trench to the pole, or from the cable laid along the wall at a height of 2m above the ground and at a depth of 0.25 m underground. The cable shall be protected by steel pipe and the inner diameter of the pipe shall not be less than 2 times the outer diameter of the cable.





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