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How to Fix Starter Motor Problem of Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 17, 2018

How to overhaul the weakness of starter motor of diesel engine generator set


When the diesel engine starts, the crankshaft does not turn or rotate slowly when it rotates, so that the diesel engine can not enter the self-operating state. There are generally three reasons. Firstly, the battery is insufficient, the starting resistance is tool large, or the movable contact and the static contact of the electromagnetic switch are burned. Secondly, poor contact. Thirdly, the specific inspection methods are as follow:

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1. Check if the battery is fully charged.

2. Check the contact of the brush with the commutator (or commutator). under normal circumstances, the contact surface of the brush bottom surface and the commutator should be above 85%. if not, replace the new brush.

3. Check the commutator for burnout, scratches, pits, etc. If there is more dirt on the surface of the commutator, clean it with diesel or gasoline. If there is severe burning, abrasion and scratching, and the surface is not smooth or out of round, repair or replace it if necessary. When repairing, the commutator can be turned by a lathe and polished with a fine abrasive cloth.

4. Check the working contact surface of the electromagnetic switch and the working surface of the two static contacts. If the movable contact and the static contact are burnt and the starting motor is running weak, the movable contact and the static contact can be ground with a fine abrasive cloth, level.


How to deal with the starter motor of the diesel generator st does not rotate


There are two general conditions for the failure of the diesel engine to start the motor:


An action sound that can hear the electromagnet switch sucking, but the starting motor does not rotate. The cause may be insufficient battery power, poor start-up line contact, or failure of the starter motor itself.


The other is that the electromagnet switch does not pull in and the starting motor does not rotate. In addition to the above reason, this mat be related to the failure of the start switch circuit, there electromagnet switch or the direct current motor.


Check and judge the method as follows


1. Check the battery terminals, start line, DC motor brush parts and electromagnetic switches, etc., when starting the diesel engine, whether there is smoke, abnormal heat and noise. If there is an abnormality, the component should be inspected.

2. Check if the start-up insurance is blown.

3. Check that the joint parts of the starting line are tight, such as battery terminals, electromagnetic switch terminals and starter switch terminals.

4. Check the voltage drop of the battery starting the diesel engine and starting the diesel engine with the multimeter DC voltage file. If the voltage measured before starting is less than 12.5V, the battery is insufficient. If the measured voltage is greater than 12.5V and the voltage drops at startup is above 1.5V, the battery is not fully charged.

5. Check the startup circuit for faults. Use a screwdriver to short-circuit the battery terminal and the switch terminal of the electromagnetic switch. If the electromagnetic switch is closed and the starter is running normally after the short circuit, the start line other than the electromagnetic switch is faulty. If the start key switch or the start button is in poor contact, poor line connectors,etc. If the electromagnetic switch is still not connected after the short circuit, it may indicated that there is an open circuit failure inside the electromagnetic switch or the starter.


6. Shorten the battery post and the magnetic field post with a screwdriver. If the starter motor runs normally, it indicates that there is a fault inside the electromagnetic switch. The electromagnetic switch should be removed to check the burning contact inside the electromagnetic switch and the burning condition of the two static contacts and whether the magnetic coil is burnt. If a spark occurs, it indicates that there is a short circuit inside the starter motor and the starter motor should be repaired.


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