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How to Clean Air Cleaner Element and Cooling System of Cummins

Aug. 23, 2018

How to clean the cooling system of Cummins generating set?


In order to keep the cooling system clean, the engine cooling system must be cleaned after the engine coolant is replaced or the engine is overhauled.


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The commonly used cleaning agents include alkaline cleaning agents such as ethylenedioic acid, sodium bisulfate, sodium bicarbonate and acid cleaning agents such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. Acid cleaning agent or alkaline cleaning agent should be selected according to the actual situation (basic cleaning agent is used to remove gel of cooling system, "tin flower", "oil slag" and so on, acid cleaning agent is used to clean the sludge of cooling system, etc.). If the engine cooling system is cleaned with acid cleaning agent, the cooling system shall be neutralized after cleaning to prevent residual acid corrosion of the cooling system parts.


Dosage of cleaning agent: add 0.91KG alkaline cleaner per 30L engine coolant or add 0.45KG acid cleaner per 30L engine coolant.


The cleaning methods are as follows:


1. Coolant in drain cooling system

2. The pre-prepared cleaning solution is added to the engine cooling system and operates for half an hour at the highest idle speed of the diesel engine.

3. Clean the cleaning solution in the cooling system.

4. Add a proper amount of acid cleaning agent to the engine cooling system and add water to the diesel cooling system to start the engine. When the coolant temperature rises to 85 ℃, the engine will continue to run for 5 minutes.

5. Clean the cleaning solution in the cooling system.

6. Add clean soft water to the engine cooling system and keep the engine running for 5 minutes.

7. Coolant in drain cooling system.

8. If the engine is to perform normal work or operation, add soft water and antifreeze (if necessary) to the engine cooling system. At the same time, the diesel engine is equipped with a pre-water filter and ensures that the cooling system has 1 unit DCA4 or DCA4 chemical additive per gallon (3.785 liter) of engine coolant.


In order to reduce the engine failure caused by the improper design of Cummins generator set, the design of the unit should follow Cummins' working conditions for radiator and matters needing attention. The operating conditions and precautions of the radiator are as follows:


Operating conditions of radiators

1. Open use

The temperature rise of inlet air temperature and ambient temperature of radiator core group is ≤ 3 ℃.


Air intake and exhaust area120% of radiator ventilation area


2. When the sound box is in use


Temperature rise of inlet air temperature and ambient temperature of radiator core group ≤ 10 ℃


Inlet and exhaust area of box≥110% of radiator ventilation area


Minimum wind speed at the inlet of the box≥4m/s


Exhaust resistance of box≤125Pa.



Matters needing attention in the use of radiators


1. General considerations in the use of open and mute boxes


When the engine fan and radiator are installed, the fan blade shall enter the thickness of 1 / 2 of the radiator's air guide cover to ensure the blowing efficiency.


Antifreeze and anti-embroidery solution must be used in radiators to avoid the effect of water addition on the heat dissipation efficiency of the engine and radiator due to the rust clogging inside the engine and radiator.


No hot air reflux is allowed.


2. Matters needing more attention in the use of silent speakers


In order to prevent excessive temperature rise in the cabin, it is recommended that the exhaust pipe installed in the unit factory be covered with heat insulation, but the exhaust manifold and the supercharger shell are not allowed to be insulated.


Silencers should be avoided at the front of the air outlet of the water tank, keep the air circulation channel smooth before and after the heat dissipation core, and minimize the air resistance as far as possible.



How to clean and replace the air filter core of Cummins generator set?


After the air filter of Cummins generator set is used for a period of time, the filter core will become dirty, and the air inlet resistance of the filter will increase. When the intake resistance of the air filter increases to above 625KPa, the diesel engine will have problems such as early smoke emission and insufficient power due to the lack of adequate air supply.


The user can judge the clogging of the air filter by observing the air resistance indicator installed on the intake pipe behind the air filter. That is, when the indicator window of air resistance indicator changes from green to red under normal conditions, it indicates that the inlet resistance of the filter exceeds the limited value and needs to be cleaned or replaced. In case of air filter clogging, stop cleaning or replacing the air filter core immediately, and then reset the rubber plug at the end of the air resistance indicator. The filter core can be cleaned by following procedure.


1. Tap the end cover of the air filter core and shake off the dust accumulated on the filter core.

2. Open the dust tray outlet and release the accumulated dust.

3. Open the end cover of the filter and pull out the filter core.

4. Use a clean cloth or rubber plug to plug the two ends of the filter, and then use dry compressed air not more than 0.2~0.3Mpa to clean the filter core surface along the direction of Dendrobium angle or from the inside to the outside of the filter core.


Note: Oil or water shall not be allowed to clean the air filter core; the swirl tube shall be fixed to its shell and shall not be detachable. Clean with hot water and then blow it off with compressed air; the inner filter core of heavy air filter cannot be cleaned.


The air filter element must be replaced when the following problems occur.

1. The air filter is damaged.

2. When the cleaned filter core is installed, the intake resistance indicator is also indicated to be red.

3. The filter core has been cleaned five times.


Replacement of filter element


1. Loosen the airfoil nut that fastens the bottom cover to the filter housing and remove the filter cover.

2. Pull the filter off the central bolt.

3. Remove the gasket from the outlet of the filter.


When installing the filter, be sure to place the filter on the gasket at the outlet of the air filter.




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