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How to Charge Storage Battery of Generator Set

Aug. 21, 2018

Every diesel generator can not start without a battery, and the sufficient power of the battery is a necessary condition to ensure the success of the diesel generator. So how does the battery flush is correct?


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1. Ensure that batteries are charged in a well-ventilated environment without sparks and open fires.


Do not charge in an environment without wind and snow, do not charge near water.


Remember to cut off the charger before removing the connector.


Static (municipal) chargers can be used to charge batteries, which should be disconnected from the connection of the generator set and charged with an external charger.


Charger and battery connection: charger should be connected to a suitable electricity, plug the following connection.


Joint connection:


battle line  Line 6

central line  line N1

earth wire Green / yellow line



Batteries should be connected in the following ways:


Battery connection method: 

Positive terminal(+)  redline  negative (-) electrode Terminal  line black


The connection battery and charger can be connected as follows


Operation of charger: after the charger is connected to electricity, and the charger is connected to the battery, the charging steps are as follows: the electrolyte filter cap or exhaust hole cover is unplugged during the charging process. Check electrolyte water level and adjust it with distilled water when needed. Turn on the charger and observe the normal charge rate, which is determined by the battery capacity, depending on the new and old conditions of the battery and the current charging level. After charging begins, the charging current decreases and continues to decrease as the current voltage increases. The specific gravity of each battery solution is then measured by hydrometer.



Do not overcharge the battery, otherwise it will damage the battery. High temperature can also damage the battery, be careful during charging, especially in the hot climate, the battery temperature must not be higher than 45 degrees.



Note: when repairing and maintaining the starting battery of diesel generator set, wear acid-proof apron and face mask or protective goggles. Once the electrolyte splashes on the skin or clothing, rinse with plenty of water immediately.


Injection of electrolyte: Batteries are often dry in transit, so add the correct mix of specific gravity electrolytes. Remove the plug and pour into each cell until 8 mm above the top edge of the sheet, leaving the battery on for 15 minutes. Check and adjust the water level if necessary.



First charge The battery must be recharged for 4 hours within an hour of injection, with the following current, which allows the battery to be fully mixed, such as insufficient charging time can damage the capacity of the battery. The charging current of the battery model E017 is 9AMPs, and the charging current of E312 is 14AMPSU E324, the charging current is 20AMPS.


The above 4 hours of charging may be extended as follows: 


Battery storage for more than 3 months, or temperature over 30 degrees or higher than BO% for 8 hours


Battery storage time over 12 hours a year.


If the current output of the charger is not enough, then the lower current can be achieved, but not less than one third of the above, but the time is lengthened proportionally. (8 hours 7AMPs instead of 4 hours 14AMPs).


At the end of the charging time, the electrolyte water level should be checked. If it is necessary to add the proper proportion of sulfite electrolyte, the exhaust plug will be put back to its original position.


Normal operation and charging can cause some water to evaporate, which requires the battery to be liquid from time to time. First clean the battery to avoid falling into the dirt, and then remove the exhaust plug. Add distilled water until 8MM (5 / 16) returns to the exhaust plug.


Storage battery is the key to open diesel generator set. In order to ensure fast and reliable start of diesel generator set, battery maintenance must be done well.


In the daily use of diesel generators, a very common fault is that the diesel generators cannot start normally, and most of the reasons for the failure of the diesel generator are the failure of the battery. Below are instructions used to solve the diesel generator battery failure and repair program.







Uncharged current

Wrong or ice dragon is not good

Clean terminal connector

Low voltage for used or used batteries

Battery replacement or special equipment charging

No electricity voltage

Check the lines from electricity to charger

Power fuse failure

Change fuse

Rectifier secondary transistor fault

Replacement rectifier diode fault

Charge ammeter not shown

Rechargeable ammeter failure

Replace charged ammeter

Filling rate is too low

Low voltage

Check charging power supply

Incorrect transformer tap

Check if the current voltage is equal to the transformer tap

Large current joint loose

Check and tighten the tap

Charging clip heating

Poor battery connection

Clean tap to be attached

Repeated fire destruction of fuse on power supply

Fuse power failure

Put on a suitable fuse

short circuit

Check, reconnect all the lines.

Charge current does not decrease

Battery aging damage

Charger is not a fault, battery voltage can not rise to the maximum voltage




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