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How the Fuel Regulating System of Diesel Generator Set Works

Jan. 04, 2019

The fuel speed control system is the main component of the diesel engine. It consists of oil pump, fuel filter, fuel injection pump, governor, fuel injector, high pressure oil pipe oil return pipe.

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The oil pump sucks the fuel from the fuel tank and sends it to the fuel filter. After filtering, it enters the fuel injection pump. After the fuel pressure of the fuel injection pump is increased, the fuel supply amount required by the same working condition is sent to the high pressure oil pipe. The injector is finally sprayed into the combustion chamber through the nozzle of the injector. In order to maintain the appearance and surrounding fuel cleaning of the diesel engine, a small amount of fuel flowing out of the fuel return pipe from the side of the injector should be returned to the fuel tank by the user.


The reliability of the operation of the fuel speed control system directly affects the performance of the diesel engine. Therefore, whether it is in operation, disassembly and repair, installation or in test adjustment, the most important thing is to keep it clean. This is the first condition for ensuring quality.


The governor used in the Randy series diesel engine is divided into two types, one is the electronic governor, which includes the following parts:


(a) speed sensor

(b) electromagnetic actuator

(c) speed thrower, and control and switches, connecting cables and other accessories.


The rotational speed sensor is installed above the flywheel housing of the diesel engine, the rotational speed signal is transmitted from the diesel flywheel ring gear, and the electromagnetic actuator is installed at the rear end of the high pressure oil pump. The speed controller and the connecting cable are placed or installed in the diesel monitor box by the user. Its high and low speed conversion, parking switch (power switch) is available at random. The power supply of the electronic governor, which can significantly improve the speed regulation performance of the diesel engine. Its steady state speed regulation is not more than 3%, and the speed fluctuation value is small, which can fully meet the technical requirements of the power station.


When the diesel engine was tested in the factory, the parameters of the speed controller of the electronic speed control system were correctly adjusted, and the low speed setting and high speed setting were painted and sealed, and the user could not adjust it arbitrarily.


If the user needs emergency stop due to special circumstances, the diesel engine equipped with electronic governor can turn off the power switch of the electronic governor (that is, the parking switch of the diesel engine) to cut off the power supply of the electronic governor and achieve emergency stop. The mechanical centrifugal full program has high-speed limit screws on the operating mechanism. The diesel engine has been adjusted and sealed before leaving the factory. The user can unpack it without the permission of the factory professional, otherwise the product will not be listed into the product  quality three packs of service. A parking handle is also installed on the front of the governor for emergency parking. A low-speed stabilizer is also installed on the governor housing to prevent low-speed instability of the diesel engine. When the diesel engine is stable at low speed, the low speed stabilizer can be slowly screwed in until the speed is stable (the normal speed fluctuation is within the range of ±25/min) and then fixed. All factory diesel engines have been adjusted, and users should not pull them when necessary. If the fuel pump and governor are disassembled and repaired, and the diesel engine is unstable, the user can adjust it by himself. However, it must be noted that the low speed stabilizer can not be screwed in too much, so as to avoid excessive speed of the empty car and cause an accident.


The steel plate coupling is connected between the high pressure oil pump and the drive shaft of the lattice series coupling is connected between the high pressure oil pump and the drive shaft of the transmission system.


In order to ensure the reliable operation of the steel plate coupling and avoid the steel plate breakage accident in the device caused by the installation and use, the user should pay special attention to the following items when changing or adjusting the steel plate coupling parts.


First, the steel plate coupling is placed on the drive shaft of the fuel injection pump, so that the shaft can be axially moved, then the bolt D (2 pieces) is loosened, and the rear end of the steel plate glaze is bolted A (2 pieces) Tightening on the diesel fuel injection pump disc, the final tightening torque of bolt A is 40N 'm, and then tighten the bolt D (2 pieces) on the steel plate coupling. The tightening torque of bolt D is 40N 'm, then adjust the steel. The axial position of the plate coupling ensures that the steel sheet must not be flexed, and then tighten the bolt B (1 piece) with a tightening torque of 40N. m50N. m, the steel plate coupling and the fuel injection pump drive shaft are reliably tightened, and finally the bolt C (2 pieces) is loosened, the diesel fuel supply advance angle is adjusted within the specified range, and the bolt C (2 pieces) is tightened to 40N. 'm, the installation work of the steel plate coupling is completed.


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