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How Can We Maintain Oil Filter of Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 14, 2018

Introduction of Oil filter for Diesel Generator set


The oil filter of diesel generator sets is used to remove mechanical impurities such as debris, dust and colloidal deposits in oil, so as to reduce the wear of mechanical parts, prolong the life of engine oil, prevent oil road clogging and serious accidents such as burning bearing bush. The performance of the oil filter directly affects the overhaul duration and service life of the diesel engine.

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The basic requirement of the oil filter effect is good and the resistance is small, and the two are contradictory. In order that the oil can be filtered well without causing excessive resistance, several filters are installed in the lubricating system of the general diesel engine, each in series with the main oil channel (all the circulating oil of the diesel engine passes through it. This filter is called full flow and parallel (this filter is called shunt).


Oil filter can be divided into two types, including filter type and centrifugal type. In addition, magnetic core metal wear debris as an auxiliary filter measures. The filter type can be divided into fine filter, coarse filter and collecting filter according to the different filter ability. The oil filter can be divided into screen type, scraper type, wire wound type, sawdust filter type, paper filter core type and compound type according to their different structure.


6135 diesel engine oil filter, including coarse filter and fine filter two parts. The left component is a coarse filter. The oil is rotated at high speed from the oil duct of the body through the tangential rectangular oil channel on the filter sear into the conical cavity of the coarse filter body. Under the action of centrifugal force, the large impurity and a small part of oil enter the fine filter by squeezing along the wall of the conical cavity towards the lower end of the coarse filter seat. Most of the cleaning oil in the center of the conical chamber enters the main oil channel along the middle oil hole of the filter seat. The coarse filter does not need filter core, simple structure and convenient maintenance.


The fine filter consists of a rotor housing, a rotor body, a rotor shaft and a filter base. The oil with impurity separated from the coarse filter enters the rotor, which has two holes in the opposite direction. When the diesel engine is working oil is ejected from two injection holes, under pressure. Due to the reaction of oil ejection, the rotor rotates at thigh speed. Under the action of centrifugal force, the mechanical impurities in the rotor cavity are separated out and thrown to the wall. The clean oil is ejected from the nozzle hole and then flows back to the oil pan.


Maintenance of oil filter for diesel generator set


Taking 135 series diesel engine as an example, the maintenance method of oil filter is described. The two type filters, except for the fine filter, use the same fine filter, except the winding type and the scraper type. The oil through the coarse filter is directly lubricated into the main oil channel after cooling, and the fine filter is a split flow type, and the fine filter is a split flow type, and the oil after fine filtration is directly returned to the oil bottom.


The quality of filter performance directly affects the performance and service life of diesel engine. Therefore, in the use of oil filters should pay more attention to the filter effect.


1. There are two layers of filter net made of copper wire on the filter core of coiled oil filter. The filter clearance is less than 0.09mm. The filter should be removed after every 200 hours of operation of the diesel engine. When removing and washing, first loosen the nut on the lid, remove the filter element from the lid, then loosen the screw on the bottom shaft, remove the filter core and clean it in kerosene or diesel oil, then blow it off with compressed compressed air. En reassembling, the inner and outer filters should be flat at both ends to ensure sealing, the coarse filter shaft should be screwed to the end of the screw hole in the cover.


2. Structure of scraper oil filter.


The filter element is assembled from the filter made of thin steel sheet, and the filtration gap between the filter is 0.06-0.10mm. When the diesel engine starts or continuously works for 4 hours, the handle shall be rotated in the direction indicated by the arrow on the filter cover. At this time, because of the rotation of the filter core, the scrape mounted on the locating shaft scraped off the dirt on the outer surface of the filter. After 200 hours of diesel engine work, the filter should be removed, the filter should be placed in diesel oil, and the grime should be scraped off by turning the handle. If there is too much dirt, you can loosen the nut at the lower end of the shaft, remove the filter in turn, soak it into diesel oil and wash it one by one, but you must be careful to keep the filter flat, then assemble it in order and number of pieces, otherwise the filter effect will be affected. After loading, pay attention to the sealing performance of the two ends of the filter element, and rotate the handle to rotate freely.


3. Oil filter is also called centrifugal oil filter. When HCA-11 lubricating oil is used, the oil temperature is 85 ℃ and the oil inlet pressure is 294KPa (3kgf/cm2), the rotor speed of the oil filter should be above 5500/min. Because of the high speed rotation of the rotor, the fine impurities in the coil are separated by centrifugal force, and collected on the inner wall of the rotor body. The filtered oil flows directly back to the oil pan through the return hole. This repeated cycle of the entire system of oil to achieve the purpose of filtering.


After 200hours of operation, the diesel engine should remove the washing filter. Loosen the nut on the rotor housing, remove the housing, then remove the nut from the top of the rotor and remove the rotor.


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