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Generator Set and Genset Part General Description

Jan. 28, 2018

General description

3.1 General description of electric generating set and its differences

The design of this electric generating set is a perfect integration and provides super and reliable performance. The marked are the main components. This is a constructional drawing of a standard electric generator. However, the main construction may be of slight variation between different types. This chapter gives a brief introduction to the main component of this generator while the following chapters will provide detail information.

Generator Set and Genset Part General Description


Each generator set has a name board, generally nailed on the casing of alternator or the empty open casing. The information on the name board is used for identify the generator as well as its operating characteristics, which includes type number, set serial number, output voltage, phase and frequency, and designed power (output power is expressed by KVA or KW). This information will be represented again in the technical data sheet attached with this manual for reference. All of the serial numbers are unique and won’t be repeated. These numbers are required when buying accessories and after services.

3.2 Diesel engine

As the power resource of the electric generating set, the diesel engine is specially designed and manufactured for this electric generating set and of secure and reliable performance. Diesel engine belongs to industrial 4 stroke compression ignition type and complement with relevant accessories for the purpose of stable power supply. The accessories include cylindrical air filter, and some diesel engine types are equipped with turbocharger, mechanical or electronic governor for  controlling precisely revolving speed of diesel engine.

3.3 Electric power system of the engine

Electric power system of the engine is divided into 12V and 24V negative earth DC voltage system according to different types, including a start motor, charging generator and battery. Some huge generators will install the battery on the ground near the generator. Most electric generating sets will provide one or two lead-acid batteries. This machine can also be equipped with battery of other categories under the client’s requirement.

3.4 Cooling system

Cooling system of the engine includes a radiator tank, an axial fan and a thermostat. The alternator is equipped with independent fan for cooling its components. Pay attention to that the airflow runs through the alternator first, and then through the engine to reach the radiator tank finally.

3.5 Alternator

The output electricity is produced by a carbon brushless, self-excited and automatic voltage  regulation alternator with protective cover and dropping water protective cover. The control cabinet is installed on its top.

3.6 Fuel tank and underframe

Both engine and alternator were installed on a heavy steel underframe. The small power set can provide a fuel tank which can run for 8 hours with full load according to the user’s requirement. Users shall provide the fuel tank if he asks for no special demand.

3.7 Shock absorber

This electric generating set is equipped with shock absorber which is specially designed for reducing vibration transmitted to the infrastructure during the start. These shock absorbers were installed between the engine/foot of alternator and underframe. However, the engine/alternator of the huge generator is fixed on the underframe while the shock absorber is provided to the client as an accessory for installation between the underframe and infrastructure.

3.8 Silencer and exhaust system

The exhaust silencer is provided with the set for installation. The silencer and exhaust system can reduce noise and discharge the waste gas to outdoors directly.

3.9 Control system (Identification)

There are many types of control system. There’s one control system in each set for the purpose of controlling operating and output, and preventing the set from damage due to incorrect operation.

3.10 Air-break switch for power output

A power switch appropriate for relevant set type and electricity output is installed in the independent switch box for the protection of alternator. Under some circumstances, switch may be installed together with automatic switching system or control panel. 


We supply multiple brands of generator set, such as: Cummins, Volvo, Deutz, Doosan Daewoo, MTU, Ricardo, Perkins, Shangchai, Weichai, Yuchai etc.



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