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General Principles of Diesel Generator

Jan. 29, 2018

4.1 General principles

Installation, movement, lifting and storage

Installation plan can be made once the volume of the electric generating set as well as the relevant control system or power distribution system were determined. This chapter is for discussion of the effective and secure important factors for installation.

General Principles of Diesel Generator

4.2 Casing

It is easy and convenient for installation and transportation if the electric generating set is equipped with casing. We mainly provide two basic types of casing for electric generating set: one is the tight canopy casing which has weather proof type and noise insulation weather proof type; the other one is as large as the container that people can walk into, which also has weather proof type and noise insulation weather proof type.

All of these casing are of convenient transportation and easy installation. Furthermore, they provide protection to the component, preventing the outsider to touch the machine. Be sure there’s nobody inside the casing when lock up the casing door.


4.3 Transportation of electric generating set

The foundation of the electric generating set is designed especially for the convenient transportation. Incorrect transportation will cause serious damage to the  components of the set. Forklift can be applied for lifting the electric generating set or push or pull the set by putting forth effort on the underframe. If push, do not use fork push machine directly but shall put some wood between the fork and generator bracket for preventing damage to the generator bracket and weight disperse. If the electric generating set needs to be moved frequently, “oil-filled slide” can be installed on the generator bracket which will provide the forklift with groove and suspension. Small types are already equipped with groove for forklift on the underframe.

It is forbidden to lift the electric generating set by the rings of engine or alternator.

Examine whether the lifting device and supporting are in good condition and whether the load capacity of hanging equipment is appropriate.

Nobody is allowed to stand near when the machine is lifted up. If want to lift up the electric  generating set, it shall install a single-point suspension apparatus which is already equipped by the standard machine with canopy. If lift up the electric generating set for the purpose of installation, the lifting eyes on the underframe are designed for hoisting the set. After finishing the connection, check whether it is hung tightly, whether there’s any split on the weld, whether the screws are screwed tightly, etc. A crossbar is needed to prevent the damage to the machine. Make sure that the suspension shall lie in the center of gravity (near to the generator) rather than the center of the whole machine, so that the whole machine can be lifted up. Guard rope is required to prevent the sire cable from twist together or prevent the machine from swing once the machine left the ground. It is better not to lift up the machine in strong wind. The machine shall be put on flat place where can bear the set weight when laying down the machine.

4.4 Installation position

It is critical important to choose a good place for installation of electric generating set among  all steps. The following  factors are critical  for selecting  the site for installation.

Sufficient ventilation.

Protect the components from rain, snow, hailstone, flood, direct sunlight, freezing temperature or Do not expose the machine in the polluted air, such as grinding dust, metal dust, fiber tow, smoke, lampblack, vapor, acid, alkaline and corrosive gas, smog discharged by the engine, or other pollutions.

Do not install the electric generating set on a place where trees and electric poles fall down or place where can be pressed by the materials from the cars and hoists.

A certain space must be left surround the generator for the purpose of cooling and convenient maintenance. It is not allowed to put other material at least one meter away from the set and 2 meters above the set.

A passage for the whole set to the installation room must be left and pipe for air passage shall be easy for assemble and unassembled, serving as convenient carrying port.

Non-management staff are forbidden to enter into the generator room If it is necessary to install the electric generating set outside the building, it needs  to be equipped with weather proof casing or  container type casing, which is of  significant importance to the electric generating set that needs to be installed inside or outside the building temporarily.


We supply multiple brands of generator set, such as: Cummins, Volvo, Deutz, Doosan Daewoo, MTU, Ricardo, Perkins, Shangchai, Weichai, Yuchai etc.


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