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Gasoline Engine or Diesel Engine, Which Is Better

Feb. 22, 2019

Which one is better than a diesel engine or a gasoline engine? What's the difference between them?

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Advantages and disadvantages of gasoline engine


A gasoline engine is an engine that uses gasoline as fuel to convert internal energy into kinetic energy. Because of the small viscosity of gasoline and fast evaporation, gasoline can be injected into the cylinder with gasoline injection system. After compression to a certain temperature and pressure, the spark plug is used to ignite the gas to do work.




First of all, the price of gasoline version is relatively cheap, repair and maintenance is convenient and easy. It's much easier to replace parts in a petrol trailer than a diesel engine. The speed of gasoline engine is high (at present, the speed of gasoline engine for truck is generally 3000-4000R / min, and the maximum speed of gasoline engine for car can reach 5000-6000R/MIN), it has good adaptability, smooth working, soft, convenient and labor-saving operation, light weight and low noise. Because of its low cost and easy to start up, it has been widely used in cars, small and medium-sized trucks and military off-road vehicles.




The fuel consumption rate is high, the economy is poor, the exhaust purification index is low. Because cars, passenger cars and other gasoline engine vehicles often drive in the city, because the roads are congested, they are often in the state of stopping and running, the engines also often run at idle speeds, and the temperature is relatively low. Even under normal operating conditions, the temperature and pressure of gasoline engine are lower than that of diesel engine, so under the working condition of gasoline engine, engine oil is easy to produce low temperature oil sludge, so gasoline engine oil is required to have good dispersion of low temperature oil sludge.


Advantages and disadvantages of diesel engine


A diesel engine is an engine that burns diesel to obtain energy release. It was invented by German inventor Rudolph Desser in 1892, in honor of the inventor, diesel is represented by his last name, Diesel, and the diesel engine is also known as the Diesel engine.




1. Long life is economical and durable. The diesel engine has lower rotational speed, less aging parts, less wear and tear, longer life, no ignition system and less auxiliary appliances, so the failure rate of diesel engine is much lower than that of gasoline engine.


2. High security. Compared with gasoline, diesel fuel is more stable and safe than gasoline because it is less volatile, has higher ignition point and is not easy to be ignited or exploded by accident.


3. Low speed and high torque. Diesel engines typically achieve high torque at very low speeds, which is superior to gasoline engines in complex roads, climbs, and loads. However, the performance of speeding and high-speed driving on a highway is not as good as that of a gasoline vehicle.




1. The diesel engine is ignited by compression ignition, which has no spark plug structure as opposed to a gasoline vehicle, and sometimes produces toxic gases, such as NOX, that are emitted into the air because of lack of oxygen. This results in pollution. Because of this, diesel vehicles are equipped with urea tanks that neutralize the toxic gas to prevent it from polluting the atmosphere.


2. The noise of the diesel engine is relatively large, which is caused by its own construction, which affects passengers' ride comfort. However, with the further advancement of technology, the noise control of diesel engines on medium and high-end models is basically similar to that of automobile engines.


3. When the temperature in winter is low, if the wrong diesel oil is selected, the oil pipe will be frozen, causing the diesel engine to work abnormally. 

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