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Functions of Generator Set Accessories

Jan. 30, 2018

4.5 Infrastructure/shock absorber

The whole electric generating set is correctly installed with alternator and engine by a steel underframe when leave factory. Therefore, the set installation only requires to fastening the set on a good infrastructure by screws.

Functions of Generator Set Accessories


4.5.1 Infrastructure: The best infrastructure is to build up a piece of reinforced concrete for installation of electric generating set. The infrastructure is responsible for providing the generating set with a steel support for preventing from swing and vibration. The standard thickness of cement blocks shall be 150mm-200mm (6-8 inches) with the area no smaller than the underframe of the electric generating set.


The ground or floor under the infrastructure shall be processed previously, making it be able to bear the weight of both infrastructure and electric generating set. (If the electric generating set is going to be installed above the ground, the building structure above the ground must be capable to support the generating set weight and fuel reserve as well as accessories, etc.) The building must be in accordance with the local building regulations. Only under these conditions can provide a place for the electric generating set where is not only convenient for worker to connecting and maintaining, but also can try to reduce metals of underframe corrosion.


4.5.2 Shock absorberIn order to reduce the vibration of the electric generating set transmitted to the building as much as possible, the generating set is equipped with shock absorber installed between the engine/foot of alternator and underframe, enabling the underframe to be fixed on the infrastructure  directly. The engine/alternator of huge generating set is rigid fastening on the underframe, attached shock absorber for the users to install between the generator bracket and infrastructure. The electric generating set shall be fastened firmly on the ground for preventing movement under any circumstances. The external connection of this machine demands for damping connection, such as soft fuel pipe, exhaust soft pipe, soft connector of the exhaust duct, wire duct, other connections of supporting systems, and so on.


4.6 Air admission of engine

The air supplied to the engine fuel must be clean and of low temperature. Under normal conditions, the air surrounding the electric generating set is utilized through the air filter installed on the engine. However, the air surrounding the electric generating set is unapplicable due to dust, heat and many other reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to extract the clean air from outside the building or from another room. Do not pull down the air filter and install it far away from the set, which is easy for the dirty materials enter into the engine. If it is necessary, the air input device approved by manufacturers shall be applied, otherwise, it will bring bad effect to the operation of electric generating set.


4.7 Cooling and ventilation

Engine, alternator and exhaust pipe all eliminate heat and the efficacy of the electric generating set will be influenced when the temperature reaches a certain degree. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt measures to cooling the engine and alternator. The correct air flow route is from the set tail, running through the radiator of the engine, and then discharged to the outdoor by a piece of assemble and disassemble exhaust pipe. If there’s no exhaust pipe to discharge the hot air to the

outdoor, the fan will disperse the hot air surrounding the generating set, making the hot air return to the radiator by short pass, thus reducing the cooling effect. Both entrance and exit for air shall be large enough for the air to pass in and out freely. The ventilation opening is about 1.5 area of the radiator.


Both entrance and exit for air shall be equipped with blind windows for protection of severe weather with louvered battens being fixed. However, it is better to make the louvered battens flexible during cold weather, so the window can be closed when the machine is inactivate, keeping the generator room warm which is beneficial for the generator’s loading. Furthermore, the louvered battens of automatic starting electric generating set must be of automatic  switch, set  open automatically after the machine started. The heat produced by the electric generating set has to be discharged to outdoors when applying heat exchange cooling system depending on no radiator.


4.8 Smoke evacuation

The purpose of engine’s smoke evacuation system is to discharge the smoke or smell harmful to health to outdoors of a certain height and reduce the noise. An appropriate silencer compatible with the smoke evacuation pipe is used for noise reduction, which can be installed indoors or outdoors.


All electric generating set installed indoors must apply the seal smoke evacuation pipe to exhaust the waste gas to outside. The smoke evacuation pipe installation must be in consistent with relevant specification, standard and other requirement.

Ensure the hot smoke evacuation silencer and pipe far away from the inflammable materials.

Make sure that the discharged smog won’t be environmental pollution. When designing the smoke evacuation system, the most basic consideration shall be paid to that back pressure shall not exceed the permission range as over back pressure will decrease significantly the efficacy and duration of engine and increase significantly the fuel consumption. The smoke evacuation shall be designed the shorter, the better in order to decrease the back pressure. If it is necessary to bend, the curved path shall be at least 1.5 of the internal diameter of pipe. Any design exceeding 3m shall be approved by manufacturer.


Other design standards of the smoke evacuation system are stated as follows:

* Add a smoke evacuation soft pipe to the joint of smoke evacuation exit of the engine and exhaust pipe for the purpose to reduce the vibration produced by the engine transmitted to the exhaust system and building. Slight angular deviation of the smoke evacuation system caused by thermal expansion and installation is allowed.


* During the installation of silencer and pipes, be sure not to pull over tension to cause any breakage and leakage.


* Original components of the exhaust system installed indoors shall be equipped with heat insulation for heat reduction and noise reduction. Both pipe and silencer, installed indoors or outdoors, shall be far away from inflammable materials. * Any long horizontal or  vertical smoke evacuation pipe  shall be installed downward sloping and with drain valve. The drain valve shall be installed at the lowest position to prevent the water flowing into engine and silencer.


 * When the pipe runs through the wall, it is necessary to have a casing pipe for shock absorption and put the inflammable materials far away from the heat pipe. Furthermore, it shall left spaces for the pipe’s thermal expansion to extend or shrink longitudinally.


 * If the cut of the end of smoke evacuation pipe stretching outdoors is horizontal, it shall be cut with an angle of 600 . If it is vertical, it shall be installed with rain roofs to prevent the rain and snow entering into smoke evacuation system.


 * The smoke evacuation pipe is not allowed to be connected with smoke evacuation pipe of other electric generating set or other smoke tubes, such as smoke tubes of stove or boiler.

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