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Fire Inspection of Diesel Generator Set for Real Estate

Oct. 15, 2019

What is the Acceptance form for final completion of works? Completion acceptance refers to a complete acceptance of all projects after the completion of the project. After the completion of the fire protection project in real estate, it is necessary to carry out fire control inspection and acceptance, so what are the contents of the acceptance?

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I Fire electrical system

1. Detect insulation resistance, grounding resistance, grounding of system, installation and protection of pipeline (fire resistance, spraying) in automatic fire alarm system.


2. Check the setting condition of fire detector and manual alarm button, installation quality, protection radius and distance from the surrounding object, and check the alarm function according to the ratio of 30% to 50%.


3. Detect the installation quality of fire alarm controller, the wiring in the cabinet, the setting of protective grounding, the setting of main and standby power supply and its conversion function, and to test the various functions of the controller.


4. Check the quality of fire fighting equipment control cabinet installation, the function of inner wiring, hand, automatic control and screen receiving signal feedback of fire fighting equipment.


5. Check the sound function of fire emergency broadcast, manual layer selection and automatic broadcast, remote control open and forced switch, etc.



6. Check fire control room, fire fighting equipment and hand button fire telephone communication function; external call function.


7. Check fire control room setting position and obvious sign, indoor fire protection valve and irrelevant pipeline (water forbidden) setting, setting and switching function of double loop power supply.


8. Check the linkage of elevator landing function, the use of fire elevator function, three (5) side of the call is clear.


9. Detect fire emergency lighting and evacuation signs setting, illuminance, transition time and graphical symbols



10. Check emergency lighting and non-fire power supply. Disconnect non-fire power supply function and lighting display function of fire layer.

11. Automatic switching and all end switching of diesel generator for detecting main distribution.


12. Check whether CRT is set according to the regulations (more than 50 meters public buildings, super high-rise, over 50 meters high-rise commercial, commercial and residential buildings).


II. Fire water system


1. Fire water supply

A. Check the nature of fire water sources, the number and diameter of intake pipes and the installation of fire hydrants.

B. Check the volume of the fire pool, water level indicator and replenishment facilities, pressure stabilizing facilities, and ensure fire water and antifreeze measures.

C. Check fire tank setting, volume, antifreeze measures, rehydration and condition of one way valve, etc.

D. Check the performance of various fire pumps, piping, manual automatic control, start-up time, main and backup pumps and power conversion functions, etc.

E. Check the installation, marking and function of water pump combination for transmitting fire water, etc.

F. Detect Fire-fighting steady pressure pump and its automatic pressure keeping function.




2. Automatic sprinkler system


 Check installation, connection, number of sprinklers, end diameter, etc.


 Check the installation and function of flow indicator and signal valve


⑶Detection of alarm valve group installation, valve status, components and their functions


⑷Detection of sprinkler installation, appearance, protection distance and area and distance from adjacent obstacles, etc.


⑸Function Test of alarm Valve set


⑹Test the function of automatic spray water (fog) system (end start pump and alarm discharge valve pump).



III Smoke prevention and ventilation system


1. Check the air ducts, blower and outlet settings of the positive pressure supply system and measure the wind speed and the positive pressure supply value. The wind speed of the tuyere is no more than 7m / s, the positive pressure supply is not more than 7m / s, and the exhaust air is not more than 10m / s.


2. Test the setting status and function of fan, duct, fireproof valve, air outlet, main and spare power supply, wind speed and smoke discharge in exhaust system.


3. Check the installation of ducts and fire valves in ventilation and air conditioning systems.


4. Manual, automatic and Linkage function Test for each system.


5. Check if smoke control zones are separated (closed) by fire resistant doors, fire shutters (monorail water screens).


6. Inspection of its installation, appearance, transmission mechanism, action program and its manual and linkage functions.


7. The 280-degree fire valve in front of the fan can link the fan. Safe evacuation is to see setting height, with setup spacing and conversion function.


IV Gas extinguishing system


1. Check the equipment, components, extinguishing agent delivery pipe, spray nozzle and protection area of the gas fire extinguishing system, and the installation status.


2. For gas fire extinguishing system simulation linkage test, check first sound, then light alarm program, check off fire power supply, automatic start, delay start, fire valve and exhaust machine (lock), jet process, gas release indicator light, Operation of electric tuyere, etc.


V Building Part 

1. General layout and internal plane of the building: check the general layout of the building and the layout of the interior of the building (including fire control room, fire water pump room, etc.), including fire fighting lane, fire-fighting surface, fire prevention distance and building floor number, height, etc. Whether the area is in accordance with the design and audit opinion.



2. Fire prevention, smoke prevention partition: check the building fire, smoke partition according to the requirements of the code; fire, smoke prevention partition in accordance with the design and specification, standard requirements, fire, smoke separation facilities according to the design construction.




3. The combustion performance and fire resistance limit of building members should conform to the design and specification, standard requirements. The quality and performance of the fire-proof door must conform to the relevant technical standards. Check fire proof door (fire lock): ID card, door closer, sequencer complete, opening direction correct, gap not exceeding standard; often open fire proof door: when fire occurs, it should have the function of self closing and signal feedback.



Often closed fire doors for evacuation walkways, stairways and front rooms should have the function of self-closing, in the first floor and underground use of fire doors separate. Basement doors cannot replace fire doors. The product quality and performance of the fire-proof shutter door meet the requirements of the relevant technical standards, the installation part of the fire-proof shutter door conforms to the design requirements, the fire-proof shutter door is manually operated on the spot, and the control center remotely starts, Automatic control and mechanical operation of the shutter door work normally, close tight, and correct feedback to the fire alarm controller.



Check whether the fire-proof rolling curtain is reasonable and whether the step-down is in accordance with the specification. Whether the setting of smoke wall is reasonable and the height is up to the requirement. The location and fire resistance of vertical pipe wells, such as cable wells, pipeline wells, exhaust gas wells and air supply wells, are in accordance with the design and specification and standard requirements. Fire-proof and plugging of wells and bridges through fire-proof zoning.

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