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Do Gasoline Generators Have A Shorter Lifespan Than Diesel Units

Mar. 01, 2022

Although the oil system required for diesel power generation is very complicated, the oil system usually converts the addition of oil into the basic function of maintaining industrial generators. From the perspective of long-term interests, manufacturing diesel generators are the emergency power sources used by major enterprises. The driving force characteristics of diesel generators are almost constant, so diesel generators must be used.


Do diesel generators last longer than gas or gasoline generators? Diesel generators, natural gas engines and gasoline engines have their own characteristics. The primary fundamental reason for the adoption of diesel engines is largely due to the lack of science and technology for supply, logistics, assembly, and the need for natural gas generator sets. Selection of the appropriate generator also depends on many other criteria, such as fuel supply and storage, operating method criteria and load regulations. (Based on the number of operating hours), the service life of diesel generators does have its own unique characteristics.


Under the current process standards, the working efficiency of diesel generators exceeds that of gasoline generators. The main reason is that it does not need to consume a large amount of oil, so it has the advantages of large output power and high pressure contraction. Diesel generators require less fuel to operate, and are a good choice for finding cost-effective companies. Diesel generators can reduce operating costs and increase power distribution capabilities, regardless of whether they are generally self-provided. Because of the safety factor, its flammability is far less than gasoline, and diesel engines are more secure.


diesel generators

Part of the root cause of its longevity is the way diesel generators are made and the materials used. Internal combustion engines are made of many simple, slow-moving components that don't rub against each other like a natural gas generator. Therefore, the wear and tear of diesel generators is not fast. Diesel generators are very credible in many ways. The premise is that the cost is lower. Similarly, the two require less and less oil, lower requirements and longer service life. And yes, there is no need for an electronic control system when operating the method, which means fewer parts to come and after-sales maintenance.


Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. is an OEM partner of Shangchai for many years. It has more than 40 years of experience in the production and manufacturing of diesel generator sets. It can provide users with various specifications of 15KW-2500KW. And other high-quality, low-energy generating sets to meet all customers' power needs. In addition, it can also meet the requirements of users with different voltages and different frequencies, as well as the power supply system of multiple units connected to the network. There are 64 sales and service departments nationwide, providing long-term technical consultation, free debugging, free maintenance, and free training services for users. Welcome contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com

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