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Diesel Generator Operation General Information

Feb. 02, 2018

4.14.2 HaulRemember not to let the generator weight similar or exceeding the capacity of the trailer truck when moving the generator, otherwise, it will influence the flexibility and brake capability of the trailer truck.

Diesel Generator Operation General Information

Generator hauling must comply with all specifications, standards, other rules and traffic regulations, including rules of the device as well as maximum and minimum speed limits.

If there’s braking system, make sure it is in good condition.

It is allowed to ride on the generator, or stand and ride on the towbar, or stand or walk between the trailer truck and generator. The inclination shall not exceed 150  (27%). Avoid hollow, rocks, barriers, and soft or weak ground. Be sure about the site-clearing behind during backing-up.

4.14.3 ParkStop the car on dry place where can support the weight of machine and trailer truck. When it is necessary to park on the slope, transverse the truck to avoid downward sliding. Do not park on the slope with tilt angle exceeding 15(27%). Tighten the hand-made anchor, withstand the wheels on two sides with wood, put down the former jack and trundle, unfasten the iron chain, wires, connection device and drive away the trailer truck.

4.15 Storage

Long-term storage will cause decisive impact to the engine and alternator and correct storage preparation can minimize the impact.

4.15.1 Diesel storageDiesel storage should be implemented according to the procedures, including diesel cleaning and new lubricant changing, and fuel storage. For more information on correct procedure, please refer to the “Diesel Manual”.

4.15.2 Alternator storageHumidity will enter into the alternator when it is inactivate. The generator must be stored in dry place for condensation reduction maximumly. If possible, apply heater to keep the coil dry and clean. When the generator is going to move from storage place to installation place, check the insulation degree. Refer to the above Chapter 4.12 for detail method. If the degree is lower than that before storage, the coil needs to be dry process. For detail procedures, please refer to “Alternator Manual”. If the megameter read is lower than 1MΩ after dry process, insulation is damaged and requires maintenance for reuse.

4.15.3 Battery storageFor batter storage, charge the battery every 12 weeks (8weeks in tropical zones) and each time shall be charged full. 

Generator Set Operation

5.1 General description

This electric generator set is equipped with an advanced electronic controller which may be one of the following types: HGM6100, HGM6300, HGM6400, etc. Identify what type of system your machine applied. These systems allow operators to manual or automatic control to the generator. Equipped with protection circuit, they will send alarms or stop operation for faults. The following procedures offer a detail description on the preparation before start, initial start and stop after installation, and normal start and stop.

5.2 Examination before start (appropriate for all control system)

1. Following examination must be conducted before start the machine:

Since the electric generating set equipped with automatic control system can start automatically without alarm previously, control  panel switch must be closed before the examination.

1.Turn off the power of control switch/emergency switch

Do not open the radiator cover when the cooling liquid is still hot. Do not input a great quantity of cooling liquid into hot cooling system as it will cause serious damage.

2.Check the level of diesel engine oil and cooling liquid and fill it when it is insufficient.

During fueling to the fuel tank, it is forbidden to smoke or use naked flame near the tank. Check whether the fuel is clean.

3.Check fuel level and add when necessary.

4.Check the belt tightness of diesel cooling fan and charger, and tighten it if loosed. 

5.Check all soft pipes for loosing, breakage and wearing on the joint, and tighten or change it if necessary.

6.Check corrosion on battery electrode and clean it if corrodes.

7.Check battery electrolyte level and add some distilled water when necessary. If the battery is new and haven’t been charged, add the pre-mixed battery electrolyte.

8.Check whether there’s great quantity of dust and dirty on control panel and generator, which will cause electric shock or cooling fault.

9.Check the block indicator of the air filter and change a new filter if blocked.

10.Clean the surrounding site of the generator and move the unsafe materials away to avoid affecting operation or risk occurrence and make sure the smooth of cooling ventilation network.

11.Observe and check for leakage on fuel system, cooling system and oil seal of lubricating oil of generator set.

12.If there’s drain valve on smoke evacuation system, discharge the accumulated water regularly.

13.Make sure the output circuit switch of the alternator is off (handle downward).

14.Check the lubricating oil level and add if necessary.

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