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Design and Installation of Exhaust System of Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 03, 2018

The purpose of the diesel generator set exhaust system is to discharge the smoke or odor that can cause harm to the human body to a certain height outdoors and reduce noise. A suitable silencer compatible with the exhaust pipe is used to reduce noise and it can be installed indoors or outdoors.


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What are the precautions for the diesel generator set exhaust system?


Note: All generator sets installed indoors must use the non-leakage exhaust pipe to exhaust the exhaust air. The installation of the exhaust pipe must comply with relevant regulations, standards and other requirements; ensure that the hot exhaust muffler and exhaust pipe are easy to move away from Burning substances; ensuring that the emitted smoke does not become a public hazard.


When designing a smoke extraction system, the most basic consideration is that the back pressure should not exceed the allowable range, because excessive back pressure will greatly reduce the efficiency of the engine, durability, and severely increase fuel consumption. In order to reduce the back pressure, the exhaust pipe should be designed as short as possible. If necessary, the meandering diameter must be at least 1.5 times the inner diameter of the pipe. Designs exceeding 3m must be approved by the manufacturer.


Other emission system design standards are as follows.


A smoke evacuation hose is added to the exhaust of the diesel generator set engine exhaust outlet and the exhaust pipe. Its function is to reduce the vibration generated by the engine to the exhaust and the building, allowing the exhaust pipe to expand due to heat and a slight angular deviation during installation.


Be sure not to break or leak when tightening the silencer and tube.


The original exhaust system installed indoors should be insulated to reduce heat dissipation and reduce noise. Pipes and silencers, whether indoors or outdoors, should be kept away from flammable substances.


Any long horizontal or vertical exhaust pipe should be installed diagonally downwards and fitted with a drain valve that should be at the lowest point to prevent water from flowing into the engine and silencer.


When the pipe passes through the wall, there should be a casing for shock absorption, and the flammable material should be kept away from the heating pipe, and the expansion pipe should be left to extend or contract the pipe longitudinally.


If the slit horizontal, cut it to 60 degrees, if it is vertical, install a rain cap to prevent rain and snow from entering the exhaust system.


The exhaust pipe mat not be connected to another generator set exhaust pipe or other pipe such as a stove or a boiler pipe.


What are the reasons for the abnormal exhaust of diesel generator sets?


For a well burned diesel generator set, the smoke from the exhaust pipe is colorless or light gray. If the smoke from the exhaust pipe is black, white and blue, the unit is not properly exhausted. The following is a brief introduction to the reasons why the diesel generator st is not properly exhausted.


1. The main causes of black smoke emission include the following.

A. The load of diesel engine is too large and the speed of engine is low. The oil is too much and the water is less, making the burning is incomplete.

B. The valve clearance is too large, or the timing gear is not installed correctly, resulting in insufficient intake and exhaust impurity or late fuel injection.

C. Low cylinder pressure, low compression temperature, poor combustion.

D. Air filter blocked.

E. Individual cylinders do not work or work poorly.

F. The temperature of the diesel engine is low, resulting in poor combustion.

G. Fuel injection time is too early.

H. Diesel engine cylinder have uneven oil supply or air in the oil circuit.

I. Injector nozzle spray poor atomization or dripping oil.


2. The main cause of white smoke emission include the following.

A. The temperature of diesel engine is too low.

B. Fuel injection time is too late.

C. There is water in the fuel oil or there is a water leak in the cylinder. The water is heated and turns into white steam.

D. There s air in the fuel line of the oil engine, which affects the fuel supply and fuel injection.

E. Cylinder compression force is seriously inadequate.


3. The main reasons for exhausting blue smoke include the following aspects.

A. The oil in the oil basin is too much oily, and too much oil is formed and splashed into the cylinder wall and burned into the combustion on chamber.

B. Excessive oil in the air filter oil pool or on the filter element is brought into the cylinder for combustion.

C. The cylinder is not tightly closed, and the engine oil burns in the combustion chamber. The reason is that the piston ring is stuck in the ring groove, the piston ring has insufficient elastic force or the openings overlap, the clearance between the piston and the cylinder is too large, or the chamfer ring is incorrectly installed.

D. The gap between the valve and the valve guide is too large, and the oil enters the combustion chamber to burn.



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