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How to Design Power Distribution Room of Genset

Mar. 12, 2019

The power distribution room is also called the power distribution station. In the Chinese national standard, the definition of the power distribution station is: "There are only high-voltage power distribution devices that open and close and distribute electrical energy, and there is no main transformer on the bus." The difference between a power distribution station and a substation is that the power distribution room (distribution station) has no transformer and changes all transformers. The power distribution room is a key part of the building's power supply system, and a full-time electrician is assigned to operate on a 24-hour basis. Non-workers are not allowed to enter without the permission of the manager of the management office or the head of the department. The duty officer must be certified to work, familiar with the condition of the power distribution equipment, operating methods and safety precautions. 

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The duty officer must pay close attention to the indications of the voltmeter, ammeter, and power factor meter; the air switch is prohibited from overloading. Always keep the ground and equipment of the power distribution room dust-free. The switching operation of the equipment of the power distribution room shall be carried out separately by the duty officer. The other personnel present shall only be used for monitoring and shall not intervene; it is strictly forbidden to switch the two at the same time to avoid mistakes.


Operation Process of Genset Power Distribution Room


A. High voltage power distribution room


1. Wear a variety of insulation equipment (insulated rubber shoes, gloves, helmets, etc.) when entering a high-voltage power distribution room.


2. Observe the various instruments and switches in the power distribution room to see if there are any abnormalities. Wait until the confirmation is correct before operating the power distribution cabinet. (power transmission and power off)


3. The operation of power transmission shall be closed from the beginning of the line to the end of the line, and the closing shall be carried out in strict accordance with the operating procedures indicated on the power distribution cabinet. If there is no clear indication on the power distribution cabinet, it shall be in accordance with the instructions of the professional electric power. Do it one step at a time. (Use the operating handle to work)


4. Power-off operation Power-off and power-on are basically the same, in the order of power-on, reverse power from the outlet, and then step by step to the line-in cabinet.


B. Precautions


1. Every time one step is completed, the switch should check whether the indicator light on the electric cabinet is normal. If the indicator light is not bright (not extinguished) or the color is different from other indicators (dark or flashing) The current closing, the opening must be re-divided once, and the gate must be opened in place. Generally, it can be heard from the sound. When the slamming sound is heard, it indicates that the closing and opening are in place.


2. It should be noted that the grounding protection device of the outlet cabinet of the power distribution cabinet must pay attention to disconnecting the grounding gate before the power transmission can be turned on. It is also necessary to pay attention to the power failure. The grounding gate can be closed after opening.


3. It is best to enter the power distribution room by people familiar with the high and low voltage power distribution room to avoid an emergency.


4. When the high-voltage power distribution room is closed, the indicator light of the outlet cabinet is normal, you can listen to the sound of the transformer. If only the humming sound is heard, it means that the electricity is normal, and vice versa. Sound, immediately power off to the transformer room to check, see if the wire is damaged, there is no debris on it, then cleaned, bandaged, and then re-powered.


5. It is forbidden for unrelated personnel to enter the power distribution room, no matter whether it is high pressure or low pressure.


C. Low-voltage power distribution room. The basic operation is the same as that of the high-voltage power distribution room. The power is turned on from front to back, and the power is turned off from the back to the front. Every time you close a gate, you must see if its corresponding indicator is normal.


D. The environment of the power distribution room should be kept clean and tidy, keep the ventilation and dry, especially the temperature of the high-voltage power distribution room should not exceed 45 degrees, otherwise it will affect the life of the power distribution room facilities.


E. Inspection and overhaul


Under normal circumstances, the power distribution room goes in once a month to check whether the various places can be safely used. The transformers are cleaned once a year. Wipe the terminals of the transformer and must be powered off and confirmed that there is no electricity, and the power supply cabinet in the power distribution room Hang up, "line detection, prohibiting the closing of power transmission" and other explicit signs. When cleaning the transformer, use a rag and alcohol to gently clean the dust and so on.


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