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Analysis of Diesel Generator Set Start Up Fault

Aug. 06, 2018

As a reliable standby power supply equipment, diesel generator set has been paid more and more attention, and widely used in all aspects of national economy. It is a very important emergency power supply equipment, especially in some areas where the power supply is insufficient. Diesel generator sets play a more important role, the failure of its start up will cause huge losses to production and life. The following is an analysis and research on the start-up and fault of diesel generator set by the small editor of starlight, hoping to help you to improve the efficiency of diesel generator set.


Analysis of Diesel Generator set Start Up Fault.jpg


I The principle and condition of the star up of diesel generator set


1. The start up principle of Diesel Generator set


The starting process of diesel generator is more complicated, and the energy is transformed into each other in the starting process. The starting principle of the corresponding diesel generator is also very complex, but it is not difficult to understand. At present, the mode of starting a diesel generator set is generally electric start. It includes the start of the mechanical part and the steady output of the three-phase voltage. The principle of its starting can be understood through the following flowchart. The specific principles involved we can refer to the principle of the start-up system, we do not elaborate here.




2. Conditions for starting diesel generator sets


If the diesel generator set wants to run normally, it must realize the transformation from heat energy to mechanical energy, thus changing the diesel engine from a static state to a state of continuous operation. Some special conditions are required to complete this process. The following is a brief description.



2.1. The mixture gas should have an appropriate amount of air and a sufficiently high temperature. This is the key to ensure that the diesel engine can start normally, and also the key to improve fuel efficiency.


2.2. The crankshaft of a diesel engine should reach a certain speed. In order to make the fuel burn and obtain high quality heat energy, it is necessary to have enough rotational speed, which can raise the temperature of the combustion chamber, thus obtain more heat energy and ensure the diesel engine to run continuously.

2.3. The starting torque must be large enough. Diesel engine starting needs to overcome a lot of resistance, especially friction, so must have enough torque.



II Common faults and maintenance of Diesel generating set



1. Failure of oil supply system


The failure of the oil supply system is mainly caused by the blockage of the oil pipe or filter. The reason is that a large amount of air enters the fuel supply system or the diesel oil used in the diesel engine does not meet the requirements of the fuel supply system. In order to effectively avoid this situation, we can take targeted measures against the two causes. First of all, when cleaning the tubing and filter, the fault personnel must avoid air entering the oil supply system, and if there is already air in, exhaust treatment must be carried out in time. Secondly, the diesel fuel used in the diesel engine meets the requirements of the fuel supply system. Only by doing the above two points, can the normal operation of the oil supply system be effectively guaranteed, and then the normal operation of the diesel generator set can be guaranteed.



2. Insufficient start-up level capacity


One of the important reasons for the start-up failure of diesel generator is the insufficient start-up level capacity. There are three main reasons leading to the low capacity of the starting level, namely, the self-discharge of the level, the exfoliation of the level active substance and the vulcanization of the level plate. The main reason for the exfoliation of the level active material is that the charging time of the level is too long or the current of the level charging is too large. In order to avoid this kind of situation, the staff must observe the charging state of the level in real time. The charging time of the level is strictly controlled, and when the level is about to be charged, the current must be reduced to the level charge in time, which can be reduced to the normal level.



3. Abnormal start relay



When the diesel generator sets fail, the first step is to check the contact of the power supply. If the contact of the power supply is normal, the relay equipment needs to be checked. It is clear whether the relay equipment has abnormal suction or poor contact between the connecting wire and the electric lock. Or the relay equipment itself has been damaged, to understand this clearly, the staff should take different measures according to different circumstances, maintenance or replacement of the relay equipment.


4. Problems with connection between level and connecting cable



The poor contact between the level and the connected cable is caused by the electrolyte overflow corrosion junction column of the level. The cause of the electrolyte overflow includes two aspects. One is that the staff in the process of adding electrolyte spilt the electrolyte because of the inadvertent operation, and the two is the long charge time for the level. In order to solve this problem, the staff can start from the following aspects: on the one hand, to prevent corrosion and oxidation of the wiring column, for example, using yellow glycerin for coating work in the connection part. On the other hand, when electrolytes occur. In case of spillover, the staff should take immediate measures, such as cleaning and polishing the connection part of the cable with fine sand paper.



III Daily Management of Diesel Generator set


In order to ensure the normal operation of diesel generating set, in addition to solving the problem as soon as possible, it is more important to prevent diesel generator set fault, that is to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of diesel generator set and strengthen the daily management of diesel generator set. First, the management personnel responsible for the operation of the equipment should pay attention to the diesel generating set. Maintenance, regular inspection of the equipment, ensure the clean of the operating environment of the generator set, find the hidden trouble of the fault, and solve it in time. Secondly, the managers should continue to learn about the knowledge, improve their professional skills, operate the equipment in accordance with the prescribed procedure, reduce the man-made damage to the equipment. Again, peacetime It is sure that the equipment has sufficient oil and diesel oil to ensure the normal operation of the generating unit when the power is broken. At the same time, when the temperature is too low, the equipment should be antifreeze. At the end of the diesel generating set, the staff should also check the equipment to ensure that there is no abnormal situation.



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