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Advantage of DEUTZ Generator Set-Deutz Diesel Generator

Oct. 15, 2019

Deutz generator set series uses diesel engines manufactured by using technology of Germany KHD Corporation with water cooling, air cooling and gas cooling engines available. The diesel engine enjoys advantages of advanced design, high performance, small volume, light wight, low noise and wide adaptability, especially in regions of high or low temperature or drought.


Advantage of DEUTZ Generator Set-Deutz Diesel Generator

Advantages of DEUTZ gensets 


1. Products have compact structures, reasonable design, excellent and reliable performance, long service life and low usage cost.

2. From the view of product structures, the generators have three product platforms: C, E, D products,with the power range covering 85~340 horsepower.There are more than 300 kinds of products with various forms and adaptability, and these can provide power products with higher technology level and stronger specialization degree for those fields with different demands, such as medium-duty trucks, light vehicles, buses and engineering machiner.

3. Generator products have a series of significant advantages such as advance, efficiency, readability, energy saving and environmental protection.

4. With functions of backflow, well adapt to the plateau and high altitude regions.

5. Starlight series DEUTZ Gensets are the officially authorized products of DEUTZ company. With better performance, better quality and more guaranteed services compared with similar products, they are products recommended by the Diesel Genset Department.


Product overview of DEUTZ gensets

1, DEUTZ engine have advanced technology, reasonable design, excellent and reliable performance and long service life.

2. The emissions of DEUTZ diesel gensets have reached the Europe | | or | | | standard.

3. Equipped with a new type of supercharger, with functions of backflow, well adapt to the plateau and high altitude regions

4. DEUTZ company provides quality assurance for all series of products.

5. DEUTZ company has built a professional service network all over the country, which provides after-sales services and supply spare parts for 24 hours a day.


Instructions for DEUTZ generator set maintenance 

1. We should discharge water in oil-water separator and check the level of the start-up battery electrolytic liquid after DEUTZ gensets runs for every 50 hours;

2. We should check the valve clearance and check the fuel injectors after DEUTZ’s new generators run for 200~300 hours,;

3. We need to check and adjust the transmission belt, replace them when necessary, check and clean the radiator chips and discharge the mud in fuel tank after DEUTZ gensets run for every 50 hours;

4. We need to replace lubricating oil and lubricating oil filter after DEUTZ gensets run for every 600 hours or at least every 12 months; the frequency of replacing the lubricating oil depends on the quality of the lubricating oil, the content fuel sulfur and consumption of lubricating oil by the generating unit.

5. We need to replace the oil-water separator and fuel filter, check whether the supercharger is leak, check whether the air inlet pipeline leaks, check and clean the fuel pipe after DEUTZ gensets run for every 800 hours;

6. Adjust the valve clearance after DEUTZ gensets run for every 1200 hours; replace the air filter and cooling fluid, thoroughly clean the water tank radiator chips and channels after DEUTZ gensets run for every 2000 hours;

7. Check the fuel injector, wash the turbocharger overhaul and overhaul engine equipment after DEUTZ gensets run for every 2400 hours.


Application of DEUTZ gensets

The installed capacity of Deutz engines has achieved rapid development in China. The application scope of DEUTZ engines is broad, including the commercial vehicles, engineering machinery, forklifts, agricultural machinery, compressor and ship, etc.


Installation and chamber design of DEUTZ generators

1. DEUTZ gensets are installed on the concrete floor.

1) We should pour a reinforced concrete base over the floor.

2) The concrete base should pass one month pressure test of over 173 kpa.

3) The concrete base should be at least 150 mm above the floor, with an extension of at least 150 mm per side along the chassis of the set,

4) The cement base should be embedded with the "J" or "L" type anchor bolt.

2. DEUTZ gensets are fixed on the chassis type fuel tank:

1) The shock absorber must be equipped between engine and fuel tank.

2) The structure and strength of the tank must be able to support static load and dynamic load of the sets.

3) We must keep a certain distance between the bottom of the tank and the ground, so as to facilitate the maintenance.


Chamber design of DEUTZ gensets

1) The sets should be in horizontal layout, and they can be in longitudinal layout when they are limited by the building site.

2) When the chamber is adjacent to the control chamber, the outlet end of the generator and the cable trench should be close to the transformer chamber.

3) The battery should be close to the side of the start-up motor

4) The chamber should have enough inlets for fresh air. The duct of the hot air and smoke should be stretched out to the outdoor, air inlet should be placed by the side of the motor, and the air outlet should be installed in the side of the tank.

5) The chamber should adopt comprehensive control measures for the noise removal of sets and sound insulation of chambers.


We supply Deutz generator set ranges from 24KW to 500KW, for more parameter of Deutz generator, please visit:


We supply 3KW to 2200KW generator with multiple brands of generator set, such as: Cummins, Volvo, Deutz, Doosan Daewoo, MTU, Ricardo, Perkins, Shangchai, Weichai, Yuchai etc. The style of genset is varied, such as: container genset, trailer genset, portable trailer genset, soundproof genset, low noise genset, and silent genset, etc.


All our product can be customized, if you have any specific requirement, please contact us.

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