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9 Ways To Reduce The Fuel Consumption Of Diesel Generators

Aug. 12, 2021

The key to saving fuel for diesel generators lies in the following points:

1. Maintaining the best valve clearance of diesel generators is a fundamental problem of fuel saving. Improper valve clearance of diesel generators, insufficient air intake, unclean exhaust, low air coefficient of diesel generators, and incomplete fuel combustion are inevitable. This not only caused operating failures such as insufficient power and black smoke of the diesel generator, but also greatly increased fuel consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to check the valve clearance regularly.


2. Maintain the best fuel supply advance angle. For example, the best angle of fuel supply advance angle for 195 diesel generator is 16°-20°. After the diesel generator is used for a period of time, the fuel supply advance angle should be ensured to be at the best angle. This is due to the reduction of the plunger attachment and the fuel injection pump transmission parts, which leads to the late fuel supply time and the increase in fuel consumption.


3. Prevent diesel leakage. There is oil leakage or leakage in the oil system. Although it may not be serious, it will cause a lot of fuel loss over time.


4. Ensure that the cylinder components are always in the best matching state. If the cylinder block components are worn, the compression pressure of the cylinder block will decrease, which will inevitably lead to a harsh fuel combustion environment and increase fuel consumption.


diesel generator

5. Change the practice of "big horse-drawn carts". Many equipment often appear "large aircraft and small load" phenomenon, which is a waste of energy. Improvement method: appropriately increase the drive pulley of the diesel generator, and increase the speed of the equipment when the speed of the diesel generator is reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing power and energy saving.


6.Adjust the injection pressure of the nozzle. For example, the injection pressure of the 195 diesel injector is (12.0+0.05) MPa. When the injection pressure is lower than 10.0MPa, the fuel consumption will increase by 10-20g/kW·h, which can be checked and adjusted by the comparison method.


7. Regularly check and maintain the air filter. If the air filter is too dirty, the air intake is insufficient. Therefore, excessive valve clearance will also cause the generator's fuel consumption to increase, power shortage, and black smoke failure.


8. When using diesel generators, try not to run at high speed and full load. Ordinary diesel generators have an economic operating range. The rated speed of the diesel generator is indicated on the nameplate of a diesel engine. According to the characteristic curve analysis of the diesel generator, the optimal economic operation speed is about 85% of the rated speed. At this time, the power/hour fuel consumption is the smallest. Some diesel generator tachometers are marked with a green area, which is generally the economic operation area of the diesel generator.


9. Temperature control of coolant. If the temperature of the cooling medium is too low or too high, it will cause serious damage to the generator: when the coolant temperature is lower than 30℃, the matching clearance of the moving parts of the generator will change greatly, which will increase the running resistance of the diesel generator and accelerate the power generation. The wear and tear of the machine (such as the coolant temperature below 30 ℃, that is, more than 5 times the normal wear and tear, and the fuel consumption increases by 15%). Excessive coolant temperature will cause diesel generators to overheat, leading to a series of problems such as oil pressure drop, piston sticking to the cylinder, and current drop. It is recommended to keep the temperature of the coolant within the range of 80-90°C.


In order to save fuel and reduce energy consumption, diesel generators can be preheated through the exhaust pipe every 10 years to increase the temperature, reduce the viscosity, have good atomization effect, full combustion, and fuel consumption can be reduced by 5%-10%. However, in the range of 66-75°C, the fuel saving effect is not obvious due to the low temperature. Too high temperature will reduce the viscosity of diesel fuel, accelerate the wear of fuel injection pumps and fuel injectors, and affect the operation of diesel generators.


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