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8 Protective Measures For Diesel Generator Set

Apr. 04, 2023

During the whole life cycle of the diesel generator set, the guide for further strengthening generator protection is provided to guide users to use it correctly and reasonably, and jointly improve the use level of diesel generator. When there is a risk of generator load or grounding, timely start self-protection and transmit technical parameters to management personnel through sensors.


1. Longitudinal differential protection: It is a phase to phase short circuit protection for the stator winding and its outgoing lines.


2. Horizontal differential protection: It is a protection for one phase inter turn short circuit of the stator winding. This type of protection is only installed when one phase stator winding has two or more parallel branches forming two or three neutral point leads.


3. Single-phase grounding protection: It is a single-phase grounding protection for the stator winding of the generator.


diesel generator.

4. Excitation circuit grounding protection: It is the grounding fault protection of the excitation circuit.


5. Overload protection: The protection applied to the signal when the generator exceeds the rated load for a long time. Small and medium-sized generators are only equipped with set point overload protection. Large generators should be equipped with stator overload and excitation winding overload protection separately.


6. Stator winding overcurrent protection: When a short circuit occurs outside the longitudinal differential protection range of the generator, and the protection of the short-circuit component or circuit breaker refuses to operate, this protection serves as a backup for external short circuits and also serves as a backup protection for longitudinal differential protection.


7. Stator winding overvoltage protection: used to prevent stator winding overvoltage caused by sudden shedding of all loads. Overvoltage protection is installed in hydroelectric generators and large steam turbine generators, while overvoltage protection is usually not installed in small and medium-sized steam turbine generators.


8. Out-of-step protection: Out-of-step protection that reflects the oscillation process of large generators and systems.


When purchasing a diesel generator set, close attention should be paid to the overall performance, consumption, fuel consumption, after-sales maintenance services, and other aspects of the diesel motor. Many people believe that the higher the price of diesel generator, the better. Therefore, when choosing diesel generator, these people only look at the unit price rather than others. Its viewpoint is that everything that is expensive must be a good thing and not wrong. In today's market environment, not very expensive items are great.


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