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750kw Shangchai Diesel Generator Set Technical Specifications

Apr. 02, 2020

750kw Shangchai Diesel Generator Set is assembled by Starlight Power manufacturer. The genset is equipped with Shangchai engine model SC33W1150D2, Stamford alternator HCI 634H1 and Deep Sea controller DSE7320MKII.


1. Diesel generator set main technical data

Manufacturer: Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd.

Prime/standby output power: 750kw/825kw

Type: Open type or Silent type

Speed/frequency: 1500rpm/50Hz

Voltage: 230/400V or as your required

Noise level: open type: 100dBA at 7 meters, soundproof type: 75dBA at 7 meters.

Steady state voltage regulation rate: ≥±2.5%

Transient voltage regulation rate: ≤+25% , ≥-15%

Voltage stability time : ≤3s

Voltage fluctuation rate: ≤ ±0.5%

Frequency stability time: ≤6s

Frequency Waving: ≤1.5%

Steady state frequency regulation rate: ≤0.5%

Transient frequency regulation rate: ≤ ±5%

Frequency volatility rate: ≤1%

Accessories include battery(maintenance free), silencer, shock-reducing rubber, user’s operation and maintenance manual etc.

 Shangchai diesel generator set

2. Diesel engine SC33W1150D2 data

Manufacturer: Shanghai Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd.

Prime/standby power: 782kw/820kw

Speed: 1500rpm

The engine performance is as per GB/T2820, ratings are based on GB/T1147.1.

Prime power is available for an unlimited number of hours per year in a variable load application. The permissible average power output over 24 hours of operation shall not exceed 80% of the prime power rating.

Standby power is available in the event of a utility power outage or under test conditions for up to 200 hours of operation per year.

The permissible average power output over 24 hours of operation shall not exceed 80% of the standby power rating.


Engine model: SC33W1150D2

Engine Type:line, 4 strokes, 6 cylinder(wet liner), direct injection, water-cooled, Turbo charged ,air-to-air intercooled.

Bore × stroke: 180(7.09) × 215(8.47) mm(in.)

Displacement: 32.8(2001) lit.(in3)

Compression ratio:15 : 1

Firing order:1-5-3-6-2-4

Injection timing:22°BTDC

Rotation: Counter clockwise viewed from Flywheel


Injection pump:Longkou in-line “P11” type

Governor:Electric type

Feed pump: Mechanical type

Injection nozzle Multi hole type

Opening pressure:290kg/cm2 (4125 psi)

Fuel filter:Full flow, cartridge type

Used fuel: Diesel fuel oil


Lub. Method:Fully forced pressure feed type

Oil pump:Gear type driven by crankshaft

Oil filter:Full flow, cartridge type

High level: 75 L ( 19.8 gal.)

Low level: 50 L ( 13.2 gal.)


Type:Over head valve

Number of valve: Intake 1, exhaust 1 per cylinder

Valve lashes at cold: Intake 0.4mm (0.0158 in.)

Exhaust: 0.45mm (0.0177 in.)


Cooling method:Fresh water forced circulation

Water capacity:56L ( 14.78 gal.)--Engine only

Heat rejection to CAC: 49.1kcal/sec @1,500 rpm

Pressure system Max. 0.5 kg/cm2 ( 7.11 psi)

Water pump: Centrifugal type driven by belt

Water pump Capacity: 1150L(303.6gal.)/min

Thermostat: Wax–pellet type restrictions, opening temp. 77°C Intake system 3kPa initial, full open temp. 90°C 6 kPa final

Cooling fan:Blower type,iron Exhaust system 11 kPa max. 1371 mm diameter, 8 blades.

Cooling air flow:20.82 m³/s


Charging generator: 28V×55A in.

Voltage regulator: Built-in type IC regulator

Starting motor: 24V×11kW

Battery Voltage: 24V in3

Battery Capacity: 200 AH

 Silent generator

3.Alternator data

Model: Stamford HCI 634H1

Manufacturer: Cummins generator Technology(China) Co.,Ltd.

Alternator Capacity:937.5kva

Speed: 1500rpm

Voltage: 230/440V or as your required

Protection: IP23

Overload: (PRP110% load can run 1 hour

Excitation mode: Brushless and self-exciting

Voltage Regulation: AVR automatic voltage regulation

Number of phase and access act:3-phase 4-wire, Neutral grounding

Insulation class: H/H

Alternator Efficiency:95%

Voltage regulation, steady state: ≤±1%


4.Control panel data

Model: Deep Sea DSE7320MKII( Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Module)

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Haiway Technology Co.,Ltd.

The DSE7320 MKII is a powerful, new generation Auto Mains (Utility) Failure genset control module with a highly sophisticated level of new features and functions, presented in the usual DSE user-friendly format. Suitable for a wide variety of single, diesel or gas Gen-set applications. Please see details attached datasheet document and manual.

Above is technical specifications of 750kw Shangchai diesel genset, we also have other brands diesel engine and alternator, if you plan to purchase diesel generators, welcome to contact us with your requirements, we will give good quality, best price and service. Our email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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