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7 Warnings When the Volvo Generator Operation

Jun. 30, 2021

When there are shortcomings in the operation of Volvo generators, it is very dangerous. These shortcomings will not only harm the fundamental components, or even cause major incidents. In fact, under normal conditions, before a Volvo generator has a defect, it will show some unusual traces, such as speed, movement, exhaust, water temperature, and oil pressure. We can carefully observe the abnormalities in these areas to distinguish the possible occurrences. The disadvantages of diesel Volvo generators, thus preventing accidents.

The Precursor of Tile Burning

During Volvo generator operation, the speed suddenly drops, the load increases, the engine emits black smoke, the oil pressure drops, and the "chirp" dry friction sound is announced in the crankcase, which is a precursor to the burning of tiles. In this situation, stop the machine immediately, otherwise it will further aggravate the wear of the bearing bush, the surface of the shaft journal will be sensitive to adhesion, the bearing bush and the journal will soon stick and lock, and the engine will stall.

Volvo diesel generating set

The Precursor of Sticky Cylinder

Sticky cylinders are generally produced under severe water shortage conditions in diesel engines. Before sticking the cylinders, the engine is unable to work. The water temperature gauge indicates more than 100℃. A few drops of cold water are dripped on the body. There is a "hissing" sound, and white smoke is emitted. Fast transpiration. At this time, the engine should be operated at low speed or idling speed to reduce the temperature of the unit. If the engine is turned off immediately, it will cause the piston and the cylinder liner to stick to the cylinder.

The Precursor of The Valve Cylinder

The valve falling into the cylinder is generally caused by broken valve stems, broken valve springs, cracked valve spring seats, and dropped valve lock clips. When the cylinder head announces “dangdang” knocking sound (piston hitting the valve), “chattering” friction sound (piston hitting the valve) or other abnormal noises, when the engine is unstable, it is often a precursor to the valve cylinder. At this time, stop and turn off the engine immediately, otherwise the piston, cylinder head and liner will be damaged, or even the connecting rod will be bent, the body will be broken, and the crankshaft will be broken.

Precursor of Ramming

Cylinder ramming is a relatively destructive mechanical defect. Except for cylinder ramming caused by valve falling, most of them are caused by loosening of connecting rod bolts. After the connecting rod bolts are loosened or stretched, the connecting rod bearing cooperation gap increases. At this time, a "click" can be heard in the crankcase, and the knocking sound changes from small to loud. The last connecting rod bolt of the Fujian engine If it is completely dropped or broken, the connecting rod and bearing cover will be thrown out, breaking the body and related parts.

The Precursor of Broken Shaft

When a hidden crack occurs at the shoulder of the crankshaft journal of a diesel engine due to fatigue, the shortcomings are not obvious. As the crack grows, a boring knocking sound is announced in the engine crankcase. When the speed changes, the knocking sound becomes aggravated, and the engine is cold. The black smoke, the knocking sound increased gradually, the engine jitter, the crankshaft cracked, and then the fire. Therefore, when there is abnormal movement in the crankcase of the engine, it should be stopped and checked.

The Precursor of Flywheel Fragmentation

When the flywheel shows hidden cracks, hitting it with a hand hammer will announce a hoarse noise. When the engine is operating, the flywheel will produce a knocking sound. When the speed changes, the noise will increase and the engine will tremble. If you don't stop the machine to check, it is easy to cause the flywheel to suddenly shatter, and the fragments fly out to injure people and other vicious incidents.

The Precursor of "Speeding"

Before "speeding", Weichai Volvo generators generally showed blue smoke, oil burning or unstable speed. At the beginning, the speed of the diesel engine is not controlled by the throttle, and it rises sensitively until it exceeds the extra speed, and the engine emits a lot of black smoke or blue smoke. At this time, if you do not sensitively adopt measures such as cut off oil, cut off gas, and reduce pressure, the engine speed will continue to rise, and a roar will be announced, the exhaust pipe will be full of smoke, and the speed will lose control, which will cause major incidents such as ramming and etc.


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