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7 Steps and 3 Adjustment Methods for Diesel Generator Boring

Feb. 25, 2022

What are the 7 steps and 3 adjustment methods for diesel generator boring?


The boring of diesel generator set cylinders is carried out by special boring machines, generally including vertical boring machines and mobile boring machines. The structure of the boring machine is different, and the method of use is also different. Generally speaking, when boring the cylinder of the unit, the number of weighings should be considered according to the allowable limit of each cutting tool. The 7 steps of hobbing of diesel generator sets are as follows:

1. The fixing device of the boring machine is installed in the adjacent cylinder to be boring.


2. Clean the cylinder plane and the bottom of the boring machine. If there is debris between the top surface of the cylinder and the boring machine, the boring machine is inclined, so that the boring cylinder axis is not perpendicular to the cylinder plane, which affects the maintenance quality.


3. Put the boring machine on the cylinder block, align the boring rod with the cylinder to be boring, and use the boring machine fixing device to initially fix the boring machine.


4. Select the corresponding centering finger according to the cylinder diameter, and rotate the centering finger knob to retract the centering finger.


5. Use the lift handle to lower the boring rod to the lower part of the cylinder (where the piston ring cannot reach), and rotate the centering finger knob so that the centering finger extends outward to the cylinder wall, thereby pushing the boring rod so that the boring rod is located in the cylinder center. For more accurate centering, loosen the centering knob, turn the boring bar to another angle, center again, and turn the boring machine slightly. After the boring machine is centered, it is completely fixed, the centering finger is retracted, and the boring bar is raised.


If it is a cylinder with a sleeve, it can also be in the treatment center where the wear is greatest. The advantage of this method is that the amount of boring is the smallest, the disadvantage is that the center line of the cylinder is offset after boring, which affects the assembly accuracy of the internal combustion components to a certain extent.


The preparations described above are very important when honing cylinders. However, due to the simple operation, it is often easily overlooked, resulting in unstable fixation. During the boring process, the boring tool is loaded, which makes the boring machine move and the enamel cylinder is damaged. Therefore, in the daily work, it is necessary to strengthen the sense of responsibility and do the above work conscientiously.


6. Select the appropriate boring holder according to the cylinder diameter, and install the boring tool on the boring holder. Then wipe the knife holder and the hole of the boring holder, and put the knife holder into the hole of the knife holder.


generator set

7. Adjust the boring knife with the micrometer on the boring machine. The adjustment of the boring knife is the most important part of boring work. Occasionally, due to the wrong adjustment, the cylinder exceeds the selected service size, so the service size has to be increased, facing the boring of large cylinders. Therefore, in the adjustment, it is necessary to take a serious and responsible attitude and meticulous spirit, be patient and meticulous, and repeatedly check, especially the last knife, which must be very accurate.


Diesel generator set cylinder boring using special boring machine, generally there are vertical boring machine and mobile boring machine. The structure of the boring machine is different, and the method of use is also different. 3 adjustment methods for hobbing of generator sets:


1. Store the micrometer correctly on the enamel cylinder head, first measure the actual size of the honing knife, and then withdraw the micrometer. If the actual size of the boring knife is smaller than the boring size, turn the adjusting screw clockwise to eject the tool holder;


2. Then pull out the tool holder to avoid the gap changing the size when the tool holder returns during boring.


3. During the adjustment process, the micrometer should be used for repeated measurement. After the adjustment is correct, lock the locking screw of the boring cutter. In order to prevent the boring tool from moving again, after the boring tool locking screw is tightened, measure the boring tool again. If there is no movement, the micrometer can be removed.


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