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500kW Ricardo Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 17, 2023

On June 12, our company and Fusui Huilong Real Estate Co., Ltd. successfully signed a 500kW diesel generator set, which is used for the emergency standby power supply of the city spring project in Fusui County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi.

Fusui Huilong Real Estate Co., Ltd. was established on December 27, 2011. The company's business scope mainly includes: real estate development and operation, housing rental services, investment and construction of urban infrastructure projects, and sales of building materials. It is a real estate development company with great potential.

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It is understood that the company has a good impression on Dingbo. After several negotiations with the company, our business elites quickly won its trust and signed a friendly cooperation agreement, and determined that our company was the procurement supplier of 500kW diesel generator sets for the city spring in Fusui County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi. Dingbo Company is very grateful for this! Thank Fusui Huilong Real Estate Co., Ltd. for its support and trust in Dingbo!

The brand of the generating set purchased by the user is Ricardo generator set, which uses R series diesel engine. It is a new generation of power jointly developed by our company and Ricardo UK. The product has the characteristics of low fuel consumption, low noise, low emissions, large torque, easy start, high power, high reliability, and convenient operation and maintenance. For more details, please call Dingbo hotline: +8613481024441. 

How to maintain the diesel generator set?

Diesel generator sets are widely used in power, communication, oil and gas fields, mining, manufacturing, railways, construction, buildings, construction, banking, military industry, data centers, leasing companies, hospitals, and disaster relief and other fields.

The operating environment of the diesel generator set shall be free from overheating, supercooling, sun and rain.

In order to facilitate the scientific calculation of the warranty period of the unit and meet the user's desire to put into use as soon as possible, it is recommended that the generator set be installed and commissioned immediately after arriving at the use site, and full-time personnel be arranged to be responsible for the operation and daily maintenance of the diesel generator set.

If the generator set needs to be stored for a period of time due to some special reasons, a reasonable and feasible storage scheme shall be made according to the storage time. The long-term storage of the diesel generator set will have a decisive adverse impact on the diesel engine and the main alternator, and the correct storage can minimize the adverse impact. Therefore, the correct storage method is very necessary.

The storage of the diesel generator set shall be carried out step by step, including comprehensively cleaning the generator set, keeping the unit dry and ventilated, replacing the new lubricating oil with appropriate quality, completely draining the water in the water tank and rust preventing the generator set.

The storage place of the generator set shall be able to ensure its storage safety to avoid damage. During storage, the safety of the storage environment shall be ensured according to the contents of safety requirements, and the storage point shall be equipped with fire extinguishers.

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