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5 Ways to Provide Generator Operating Magnetic Field

Sep. 05, 2022

Excitation refers to the process of providing an operating magnetic field for the generator. According to the different excitation processing methods, it can be divided into five modes: separately excitation mode, self-excitation mode, hybrid excitation, rotor winding biaxial excitation and stator winding excitation mode. Today, Starlight Power will introduce these five excitation methods to you.

generator maintenance

(1) The way of other incentives. In this excitation method, the excitation of the generator is not supplied by the synchronous generator itself, but is supplied by other power sources.

(2) Self-motivation method. In this excitation method, the excitation of the generator is supplied by the AC generated by the synchronous generator itself after rectification.

(3) Hybrid excitation method. It is divided into coaxial DC exciter separately excited and series transformer self-series series; coaxial DC exciter separately excited and excitation transformer self-parallel excitation; coaxial AC exciter separately excited and series transformer self-series series.

(4) Biaxial excitation mode of rotor winding (positive and negative excitation; the two axes are orthogonal or form a certain angle). Its characteristics are high stability; active and reactive power can be adjusted independently of each other; the introduction of the AC signal of the slip frequency into the excitation can control the operation with rotor slip; the accident downtime is short; the excitation winding is short-circuited and the rotor is demagnetized. It plays a shielding role and reduces the loss generated by the rotor eddy current by about 3/4; it can withstand short-term impact loads. But the cost is high.

(5) Excitation mode of stator winding. Rotor types include smooth rotors, rotors with teeth, rotors with short-circuit structure of wedge conductors, and rotors with high-power short-circuit windings. It is characterized by simple structure, high reliability and low cost. It provides an effective solution to the problem of overvoltage caused by reactive power in large-capacity ultra-high voltage transmission systems.

It can be seen that the five excitation modes of the generator have different characteristics. If you want to take into account both technical and economical factors, Starlight recommends you to use the self-shunt excitation fast excitation method, which can fully meet the needs of the system to run smoothly, but you need to install an additional power system stabilizer.

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