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5 Polishing Precautions For Diesel Generator Cylinders

Mar. 22, 2022

The main purpose of scouring the diesel generator cylinder is to reduce the surface layer of the cylinder. After the cylinder is enamelled, there are spiral knife marks on the surface, which must be ground to achieve the proper surface, so that the piston, piston ring and the cylinder have a good matching surface. Cylinder grinding is the last part of cylinder maintenance, and the quality directly affects the normal operation and service life of the internal combustion engine. Therefore, all users must be careful when operating.


The smooth grinding of diesel generator cylinder is realized by using the grinding cylinder head to rotate and move up and down in the cylinder. When grinding the cylinder, an electric drill with a motor power of 0.3~0.5KW and a speed of 280r/min is usually used as the power to drive the grinding cylinder head to rotate. In order to reduce the labor intensity, a simple grinding cylinder frame is generally used, and the electric drill is hoisted on the support. The grinding steps are as follows:


1. Thoroughly clean the iron filings in the cylinder, and then install the grinding cylinder frame on the cylinder block.


2. You can choose a suitable whetstone (sand bar) on the grinding cylinder head according to your needs. The sand bar is generally made of green or black silicon carbide (L is green, TH is black), the hardness is medium-soft (ZRL, ZR2), and the particle size is 180-320. Generally, coarse sand bars are used at the beginning, with a particle size of 180-240, fine sand bars are used in fine grinding, with a particle size of 240-320.


3. Correct the pressure of the sand bar on the cylinder wall. The resistance of the sand bar to the cylinder is one of the key factors affecting the surface of the cylinder. The empirical way to check the pressure is to place the grinding head in the cylinder and rotate the correction plate to expand the sand bar outward until the sand bar is close to the cylinder wall. After letting go, the grinding cylinder head cannot fall freely, when moving up and down, it is appropriate that there is no great resistance.


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4. Turn on the coolant switch to inject coolant between the grinding cylinder head and the cylinder wall. Turn on the electric drill switch to make the grinding cylinder head rotate up and down at the same time. Another key element of the surface of the cylinder wall is the rotational speed and the up and down movement speed of the grinding cylinder head. The speed of the grinding cylinder head is affected by the speed of the electric drill. The up and down movement speed should be controlled at 10~15m/min, and the cocoa should be paid attention to and mastered according to the length of the cylinder.


5. Grind until the piston is placed upside down into the cylinder, push and pull the piston by hand, it can move up and down slightly, the grinding cylinder margin is about 0.01mm, and fine sand bars should be used instead. When the gap between the piston and the cylinder is suitable, in order to reduce the surface layer of the cylinder, you can wrap the grinding cylinder head with 00 abrasive cloth, press the cylinder, and then use the same method as above to polish the cylinder.


When grinding cylinders, cleanliness and sufficient coolant (diesel or kerosene) must always be maintained. The grinding cylinder head must be kept upright when it moves back and forth, and the sand strips must not be exposed to the top and bottom of the cylinder. If the sand bar is too exposed in the up and down movement, it will be ground into a bell mouth. If the sand bar overlaps, it will be ground into a waist drum, the correct position of the sand bar moving up and down in the cylinder can be determined according to the length of the sand bar (generally 100mm) and the height of the cylinder. The empirical inspection method is: expose about 15~20mm up and down.


In the process of grinding the cylinder, the condition of the grinding cylinder should be checked at any time, and the cylinder meter or the piston should be tested frequently to detect abnormal phenomena in time and improve the operation method to correct.


Quality requirements of diesel generator cylinder after polishing:

1. Surface roughness reaches 0.32-0.63um.

2. Out-of-roundness and taper shall not exceed 0.015mm.

3. The gap between the piston and the cylinder wall meets the technical requirements specified by each machine.


When checking the fitting clearance between the piston and the cylinder of the diesel generator, first wipe the piston and the cylinder wall clean, then pour the piston into the cylinder, insert the specified thickness rule on the unslotted side of the piston skirt, hold it by hand For the piston, use a spring balance to pull out the thickness rule, and the pulling force is 2~2.5kgf, which proves that the clearance is appropriate. If there is no spring balance, the piston can be pushed and pulled by hand. At this time, it is appropriate that there is no excessive resistance and can move smoothly.


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