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5 Maintenance Methods Of Diesel Generator Test Bench

Dec. 23, 2021

From the inspection and adjustment of the standard fuel injector, the maintenance of the diesel generator test bed, the maintenance of the hydraulic CVT, the maintenance of the fuel system, the maintenance of the gearbox, and the maintenance of the oil tank, this article will learn with the editor of Starlight Power.


1. Inspect and adjust the standard nozzle.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the bench test, the opening pressure of the standard injector must be checked frequently. The opening pressure is between 17.5 and 17.7 MPa. Check the oil output rate of each standard injector. The inspection method is: first adjust the opening pressure, and then check whether the flow is uniform on the test bench with the same number of counts, the same speed, and the same rack position as the pair of plunger pairs of the standard fuel injection pump. If there is a difference, it can be corrected by adjusting the opening pressure. If it cannot be corrected, replace the standard injector.


2. Maintain hydraulic continuously variable transmission equipment.

(1) The hydraulic oil in the hydraulic continuously variable transmission system should be checked frequently. See the preceding text for its requirements and filling methods. After it has been used for 200 hours, the oil should be changed every 1200 hours of work. The oil tank should be well sealed to prevent other oil from penetrating into the hydraulic continuously variable transmission system.


(2) The limit screw of the hydraulic oil pump and the oil motor cannot be rotated at will, otherwise the hydraulic oil pump and the oil pump are easy to be damaged.


(3) Before starting the motor, it is best to use a special wrench to turn the dial to the motor. When the motor rotates at the same time, the motor starts to run.


3. Repair the fuel system.

(1) Every 400 hours of operation or when 500 fuel injection pumps are debugged, new engine oil should be replaced. When replacing, kerosene should be used to clean the fuel tank and filter.


(2) The handwheel of the pressure regulating valve and the vacuum valve cannot be rotated forward, and can not be tightened hard after tightening, in order to avoid damage to the parts.


(3) Tightness adjustment of the fuel pump drive belt. Release the 2 screws on the fuel pump mounting plate and move the mounting plate to adjust the tightness of the transmission belt (B-1000 transmission belt specification: B-1000).


(4) Add molybdenum disulfide grease to the fuel pump pulley bearing once a year.


diesel generator

4. Transmission repair.

The lubricating oil in the gearbox can work for about 400h, or it can be exchanged for about half a year. The gantry is forbidden to shift during operation, in order to avoid damaging the continuously variable transmission and gear box.


5. Maintenance of oil tank.

Oil tanks should be drained and cleaned frequently.


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